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While the new Club America jersey for away fixtures may not be as flashy as its previous year’s iteration, that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. Bright blues in the old away jersey have been replaced with a dark navy blue that’s both distinguished and quite professional looking.

The shirt does retain some similarities from last year’s kit, love it or hate it. For example, one sticking point I had on last year’s kits was the double sponsorship look from BIMBO and Powerade, which does make an appearance on this jersey. Even Corona makes a return on the back of the jersey near the shoulders. At any rate, the shirt will still certainly stand out the iconic and monstrous Estadio Azteca, which holds more than 100,000 screaming fans. The navy color is a nice improvement over the flashy blue of yesteryear’s campaign and works well with the yellow accenting and the sponsors alike. It’s a much more subtle look than I’m used to from the Mexican club, but I enjoy the direction Nike has chosen to go with this jersey. It’s a nice change of pace for a historic club.

Like every Nike jersey out there, it’s a high quality jersey in terms of comfort and performance. Dri-Fit technology keeps you comfortable in sweltering conditions by drawing sweat away from your body. 100% polyester material makes this jersey easy to maintain and makes it hold up well, too. In addition, it’s fairly lightweight because of the polyester material choice. During training sessions, I felt the jersey was the perfect weight, the nice compromise between feeling too flimsy and feeling like a heavy jacket, if that can make sense.

If you’ve bought a Nike jersey before, you know what you’ll get: high quality materials for a premium but acceptable price point. The case is no different for this one: just a very different, professional look for one of the best Mexican clubs around.

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