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Get ready for an incredible change at Chelsea this summer. Rumor has it between 6-10 key players may be out the Stamford Bridge door this summer, including Florent Malouda, Didier Drogba, Nicholas Anelka, Paulo Ferriera, John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Jose Bosingwa. You know Abramovich will be spending this summer with the squad sitting on the wrong side of 30 now, so you can expect to see a new breed of Blues. The important thing is the new mix of squad players will be looking pretty classy in their new Chelsea jersey for the 2011-2012 campaign.

The new home thread is arguably an upgrade over the current home kit, depending on if you like stripes or not. Horizontal strips line the front of the kit with two slightly different shades of blue utilized in the shirt. While it does take a bit of getting used to (honestly, I wasn’t sold on the look initially), the home kit looks terrific if you don’t let your first impressions get the best of you. Samsung again takes over the sponsorship for the North London club and the lettering looks great, again, against the blue stripes featured on the front of the kit. An Adidas logo is stitched in the jersey along with that Blues crest you know and love. The red trim from last year’s home kit has disappeared, a bit to my disappointment. To make up for it, Adidas has moved the stripes up to the shoulders, a unique design that the company has decided to implement for future home kits releasing soon (we may have snuck a peak at some leaked images of photos to get you that information). At any rate, ┬áit’s a neat spin on a traditional kit design for a storied and proud club.

As you would expect, the jersey is made of high quality materials used by Adidas and features some patented technology that makes durability and comfort level a non-issue for wear. Clima Cool technology is pretty much a standard with Adidas replica jerseys now and for good reason: the stuff allows you to stay cool in almost any condition and the 100% polyester allows for a breathable and durable feel. The sleeves feel a bit looser than last year’s kit, so love or hate that feature. Besides that, it’s nearly an identical core design (material-wise) from last year’s home jersey, and that’s a good thing in my book.

Players come and go but the club’s spirit and style will always stay. The new kit embodies a potentially reinvigorated club coming soon with a sweet new home jersey.

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  1. I like the retro style but why do they let it out so early?

  2. am proud to wear this jessy as a chelsea fan

  3. i can’t do without the blues please i want to write my name on the back of the jersey