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So, you’ve made it to as a player or coach in college soccer. Congratulations. In short, you’ll need equipment to match your undoubtedly impressive game. You’ve got the shoes, the guards, and the apparel to fit your team’s style. Now all you need is an ultra-high quality ball. Enter the Brine NAIA Championship Soccer Ball, a premium high performance ball that is guaranteed to last.

Let’s face it; most companies don’t stand behind their products with guarantees anymore. It’s a risky and expensive endeavor if the product doesn’t happen to meet the standards the company so claims it does. Brine has ignored this sentiment and slapped a 3 year unconditional guarantee on this ball. That’s right. Unconditional. It’s an incredible offering but when you start testing this product, you’ll see quite quickly how durable of a product the Brine NAIA Soccer Ball really is. The ball features a premium high performance glossy PU cover for optimal ball feel given the field conditions of an NAIA field. A Tru-Flight Latex bladder further increases softness, balance, and good feel on the ball. In addition, the ball is hand stitched carefully so you know the ball won’t fall apart after a season or two. Even if it does, you’ve got that amazing guarantee to fall back on.

Perhaps the most important feature of the ball is its use by the NAIA, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The NAIA has struck a deal with Brine so that this ball will be used at all NAIA men’s and women’s soccer national championship events when the time arises. This is yet another testament to the quality Brine has put into this amazing product. In addition, the ball looks pretty cool. The ball is outfitted with Navy panels with a red outline, the two main colors in the NAIA logo (way to go for adhering to this level of detail, Brine). In addition Brine logos as well as an NAIA logo are slapped on the ball so you are reminded further of the great ball you have the fortune of playing with on a daily basis.

As the only ball used in the NAIA in men’s and women’s soccer national championship events, the ball screams quality. There is a price to pay with that, but the more you order, the bigger the discount you receive. Bag up the highest quality ball I’ve played with in quite some time in bunches.

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