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There have been so many notable Boca Juniors players, it’s hard to even keep track anymore…Carlos Tevez, Juan Roman Riquelme, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Matin Palermo…I could go on and on, but I won’t. The important thing to note is that Boca Juniors is one of the most successful Argentinean clubs ever and notoriety comes with the honor of wearing some sweet gear. The newest Boca Juniors jersey to slide across my desk was the 2011-2012 away kit, which embodies the classic tradition of the club and the flair for the eccentric as well.

The new away kit is essentially a mirror image of the very famous home kit. Where you see blue in the away kit, you see yellow in the home kit…where you see yellow in the away kit, you see blue in the home kit…i think you get the general idea. The jersey itself has a very clean and simplistic look to it, yet still retains quite a bit of flair thanks to the¬†extravagant primary yellow utilized in the shirt. The bright yellow is complemented well with a blue strip just below the chest, a unique design that I’ve grown to love. Blue accents also line the ends of the arm holes and look neat too and stray away from traditional designs. LG and Total are the two sponsors on the kit and while two sponsors on a shirt seems strange, it’s becoming a growing trend (see Barcelona for details) that us consumers will have to just accept. At any rate, both logos look professional and clean, working well with the simplicity of the shirt.

The shirt itself is also quite comfortable. It’s a very lightweight polyester design that fits nice and snug on your body. I felt as if the shirt was adapting to the weather conditions presented during testing, thanks in large part to the Dri-Fit technology which is now common-place with Nike products. It’s a feature to note, simply because it is so nice to have a non-heavy shirt, such as many Umbro kits out there.

It’s a neat, flashy jersey for a traditional, storied club. Worth every penny.

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