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The other week, when I loaded up the SoccePro website, I noticed a certain banner with a certain photo of Arjen Robben wearing this year’s Bayern Munich home jersey. I immediately thought, “That’s a fine lookin’ jersey on a goofy lookin’ dude.” I mean, if it even looks good on the Dutch winger, then you know there’s something special about the jersey.

First, let me tell you what I don’t like about the jersey because there isn’t much. In fact, it’s not even that I don’t like it, but rather that it seems out of place. I’m talking about the T-Mobile logo sitting in the middle of the shirt. It’s not that I hate sponsors and their logos; I just think a smaller white banner would’ve sufficed. Alright, with that said, everything else about the jersey is pure win. The vertical stripe pattern with alternating red and white stripes (plus, every other stripe is mesh) just does it for me. Usually I find this kind of stripe pattern a little obnoxious, but man, Adidas really came through for Munich this season. The sleeves have the 3-stripe pattern in white on a solid red background that covers the shoulders while the main vertical stripe pattern of the jersey finishes off the rest of the sleeve. Munich’s crest is of course stitched into the left chest with a gold border, which adds a, dare I say, exquisite touch.

That’s right folks. I busted out a three dollar word. Anyway, another reason the stripes work for me is because they’re broken up by the side abdomen design of the jersey. It has a thin black outline on both front & back that starts from beneath the arm and curves around to the hip, and it basically fences in a completely red section. Combine this with the shoulder design, and you, my friend, have a sensational jersey. The back of the shirt has “Bayern München” stretched across the shoulder blades in big white letters, and, sitting just below the collar, are the letters F.C.B. It’s hard to say what kind of style those letters are stitched with—Matt and I came to the decision that it’s either Old English style, or Old German, if there is such a thing. Either way, it’s definitely intricate and definitely awesome. As you can tell, I love everything about this item. This jersey will run you about $69.99 a piece, which is pretty standard for this kind of quality Adidas clothing. It has all the standard construction and fabric of an Adidas replica jersey, which includes CLIMACOOL and all that jazz. You know the drill; it’s a quality made and designed shirt, and a surefire way to get in the good graces of a Bayern München fan.

Written by: Kristopher Dyer, columnist at soccerpro.com


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