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As I’ve stated before, I’ve never been a huge fan of brightly colored shoes; however when the adidas Top Sala X indoor shoes were dropped off on my table today, I started having second thoughts. I’ve only had one pair of indoor shoes, which were the Germany Samba’s that adidas made a couple years ago, so I haven’t had much experience with them. I must say, I was extremely impressed when I slipped the Top Sala’s on my feet . On with the review…

Fit: Wowza. These are freakin’ comfortable! The combination of the mesh and synthetic materials make it fit like a glove. I will probably be getting a pair to play indoor simply because of this. My heel doesn’t slip, arch support is perfect, and around the toe is snug so when I dribble the ball I have maximum touch. Imagine playing barefoot. If there’s nothing between your foot and the ball, you can have crazy good touch. Grade: A+

Style: I’m pretty sure if these things were under a blacklight, they would be so bright that they could cause blindness to those who look directly at them. Probably as close to highlighter yellow as I’ve seen in a shoe. With that said, most people either love or hate the style. I’m starting to not mind it so much. Electricity yellow covers 90% of the shoe, with the adidas 3 black stripes on the sides and a little blue trim. Grade: B

Features: There are rubberized pads on the top of the toe, and on each side. These look like they are going to allow for not only better touch, but curl on shots and passes. The rubber bottom grips really well on hardwood, which I walked around on. The ability to cut quickly on defense and change directions is vital when playing indoor soccer. You will definitely be able to stay with those crafty players when playing D. Grade: A

The look of the shoes will turn a lot of people away before they give it a chance. If that is the case, there is another color of the shoe so never fear! One thing is for certain. This shoe means business, and you will be at a great advantage on the futsal courts with these in your arsenal. They are only $54.00… that’s a steal in my book. Extremely comfortable, highly recommended.

Written by Mason: “top sala’s will put you on the top of the futsal food chain”


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  1. Christian Martinez

    Great review! Just picked mine up yesterday. Definately one of the most comfortable pair of indoor cleates I have ever worn. I love them!