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We have just received another amazing jacket from the Adidas Tiro11 line. The Adidas Tiro 11 Stadium jacket is the ultimate jacket for coaches or parents watching games from the sideline. It is incredibly warm, comfortable, and pretty modestly priced for what you get.

As with the rest of the Tiro 11 lineup, this jacket is predominantly black with the three white stripes going up the sleeves. The Adidas emblem is heat pressed onto the right chest of the jacket. It also has one white strip on each sleeve and on the pockets to give some color and life to this jacket. This Tiro 11 Stadium jacket has some awesome features. First of all, it is completely waterproof which is perfect for the awful winter months that produce cold rain as well as snow. It features a detachable hood which is another great feature to protect from those awful winter elements. On top of just having a normal zipper on the front, you also have Velcro patches to make sure no water gets in. Rain is something you will never have worry about with this jacket. Another feature that is included with this jacket is a double sleeve. There is a base layer sleeve that is made of fleece to keep you warm. Then on top of that there is the waterproof outer layer of the jacket to keep you from getting wet. Everything about this jacket is wonderful.

While this jacket works for a somewhat chilly day in fall. This thing is heavy duty and will be useful all throughout the winter. It is extremely thick but is also light so you will not feel weighed down when you have it on. As I said before, the sleeves are double layered to keep you extra warm and comfortable. This jacket is also a lot longer than normal jackets. It goes all the way down to almost your knees when you have it on. This is extremely nice though for both warmth and protection from the weather.

This Tiro 11 Stadium jacket is one of the best jackets you can get for the wintertime. It will protect against all the elements including snow and rain. However, it doesn’t just protect you, it will protect your belongings as well. There are two pockets on the inside of the jacket and the outside pockets zip up so you can keep you phone and belongings dry as well as yourself. It does cost $99.99, but for a jacket of this quality, the price is not bad at all. Our affiliate partner, Soccerpro.com, also has discounted pricing for teams if your looking to outfit your whole team with these jackets. So if you watch a lot of soccer from the sidelines in the winter, or just need an extremely warm jacket, this is your answer.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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