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There are tons of training balls out there these days; many fall apart in such a short amount of time, you might as well buy an official match ball. Some just look as atrocious as a neck beard (I’m sure you can tell I’m not a fan). Some companies simply neglect quality, looks, or both in training balls, simply because they can. Not Adidas. The Adidas Speedcell Training Pro ball in Yellow arrived at my feet and it was love at first sight (well, first touch).

The most important element of the ball is really its incredible durability, given its price point. At under $25, many would suspect this ball to be made of flimsy materials and show wear and tear easily. Through rigorous testing, I experience none of these problems akin to many value soccer balls. Though I am just one opinion, the ball does bode well in the eyes of another entity: namely, FIFA. The Adidas Speedcell Training Pro has been inspected by the governing body and passes the organization’s rigorous testing for circumference, weight, rebound, and water absorption. A value ball passing these tests is unheard of, so it’s a sign of true quality. Besides FIFA’s mark of approval, which is stamped on the ball for all to see, th ball is built for durability thanks to its hand-stitched design. In addition, the polyester cotton PU construction gives you a soft first touch on the ball that is consistent and retains air wonderfully. It’s easily one of the highest quality training balls out there thanks to all these awesome features. Plus, it looks pretty awesome too.

The color scheme is a twist on the popular 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup Ball, the Adidas Speedcell Official Match Ball. The same modern feel is applied to the Speedcell Training Pro, with modern stylish lines running around the length of some panels and some impressive symmetrically odd shapes that work surprisingly well. This ball is yellow all over with some maroon, dark red, and black lines running along various points on the ball. It’s all a bit overwhelming to look at up close at first, but after some time, the look grows on you. It’s certainly grown on me. Overall, this ball is an incredible value. It’s highly durable, FIFA-approved, and frankly quite sexy. $25 of the best you could ever spend.

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