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DISCLAIMER: These Goalkeeper Gloves DO NOT have Finger Saves. I know that seems to be the going trend (although I’m not sold on why yet), so I wanted to make it perfectly clear up-front before you read my  528 words of drivel about them only to find out they are missing Finger Saves in the last paragraph. Now that all the legal jargon is out of the way, let’s get down to business on the adidas Response Graphic Goalie Gloves

Physical Features

Allround Latex Foam is used on the palms and fingers. This is pretty good foam and should hold up in all weather conditions. The major sell on these gloves however, is the negative cut used by adidas. This means that the stitching is on the inside of the glove, creating more surface space and contact areas on the outside or palm of the glove. The negative cut does provide a different feel for the hand while in the glove, so it’s important to try them on to make sure your hand is comfortable in them. Still, I don’t see that being an issue.

Looks ARE Everything

The coloring used on these adidas “Response” gloves is a two-toned combination of anodized purple, and what they are calling ‘infrared,’ which appears to be more of a sharp salmon or bright pink color. That’s just me splitting hairs, though. The purple side of the goalie  glove has ‘infrared’ stripes running through it, which creates a pretty cool looking effect from farther away. Up close the gloves don’t wow me, but the farther away they get the more aesthetic value they gain. That on top of the fact that every goalie should have a proverbial screw or two loose makes for a fairly intimidating combo.


The biggest issue with these gloves has to be the zipper that adidas implemented on the top of the glove. The zipper does serve its designated purpose of providing a tight yet comfortable fit, but the issue arises when you try to put the gloves on or take them off. The zipper and small amount of Velcro is hard to grab with a gloved hand. Therefore zipping and un-zipping one glove with the other is often difficult and quite frustrating. It’s definitely important to have a friend close by to help you out.

In Review

This glove definitely has its flaws, but that is expected in a mid-level glove. For the price range ($85) and in comparison to other gloves in its class, this is one of the best goalkeeper gloves you will find. It has a solid grip, fits decently well, and has enough visual sharpness to make you stand out. Better goalie gloves are out there, but you will also be paying nearly twice as much for some finger saves and an extra millimeter of padding here or there. Initially I wasn’t sold on these gloves, but the more time I spend with them in contrast to other gloves, the more and more I begin to like them. They are perfect for those in search of a mid-level glove.

Written by: Wil, Goalkeeper Guru, soccerprose.com


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