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Real Madrid, in its second year under Jose Mourinho, are looking for more silverware and most importantly a Champions League trophy. Everyone gets to see the results of all the hard training when the team is on the field but now you can wear the gear that the professionals wear while training for the big matches. With these new black and gold Real Madrid three quarter length training pants you can train in what Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka wear day in and day out.

Real Madrid are looking extremely confident going into the season with their gold clad jerseys and training gear. These new three quarter pants are made out of 100% polyester for a durable yet comfortable feel. They are made with Adidas’ climacool technology with mesh on the upper back of the pant as well as the inside of the legs for breathability. They are primarily black and have three gold stripes going down the side as the accent color. The Real Madrid emblem is pressed on to the upper right leg and the Adidas logo is pressed on to the upper left side of the leg. It also has a subtle “RM” in gold on the back of the pant by the calf for an extra bit of flare.

As you can see from the name, these training pants are not your traditional shorts. They are three fourth length training pants, or as some people may say “Capri’s.” This should not deter you from wanting a pair because you believe it could take away your masculinity since guys shouldn’t wear “Capri’s.” These are extremely comfortable and breathable. Most guys do not like wearing the traditional short soccer shorts as casual shorts. However with these you can have a longer pair of shorts for casual wear or training and still support one of the greatest soccer teams in the world while being comfortable.

If you are looking for a great pair of casual longer shorts or shorts for training these are perfect for you. Another major bonus is once it starts getting cold outside, most players don’t like wearing pants to train but with these you can continue to wear shorts so your legs are free but they protect you more to help stay warm. Another great use for these are for goalies that tend to tear their knees up in traditional shorts. Since these are longer they work perfect for goalie training. These are very sleek and casual and will be perfect for soccer fans around the world.

By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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