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If you are out there reminiscing about the good ol’ days of soccer when guys weren’t wearing pinks and purples and let their play stand out instead of their shoes, don’t fret we have the solution. In the midst of all the color and style changes through the years, one shoe has remained a constant; the Adidas Copa Mundial. The Copa has been around longer than I have been alive and we now have a turf version. The Adidas Mundial Team combines the classic look and feel of the famous cleat but now you can wear it indoors or on artificial surfaces.

This shoe doesn’t have all the fancy colors the new shoes are coming out with. Instead it sticks to the classic black and white color scheme. The shoe is predominantly black with three white stripes going up the sides of the shoe as well as some white on the heel. Another common staple of Copa’s is the kangaroo leather uppers. This turf shoe is no different and the entire upper consists of soft kangaroo leather. This allows for incredible touch on the ball and a great feel on your foot. The toe features tough suede to give more protection against tearing on those tough artificial surfaces. Finally, since it is a turf shoe, Adidas provides you with plenty of traction so you will not be slipping during the game. The bottom is covered with long rubber studs to give amazing traction.

There is a reason the Copa has been around for so long. That reason is the amazing comfort and touch you get with these shoes. As I said above, these are made out of extremely soft kangaroo leather, which gives a great touch on the ball. However, what I didn’t mention is how the kangaroo leather molds to your foot to give you one of the most comfortable shoes around. One semi-annoying thing about Copa’s is the long tongue which can tend to get in the way. A good way to prevent this problem is by just securing the tongue below the laces when you tie up these shoes. Also, since Copa’s are made out of Kangaroo leather, they tend to stretch quite a bit when you break these in and normally you can go a half size down when buying these so you are not swimming in them once they do get broken in.

There are not too many negative things you can say about a classic shoe such as this. This is probably why people continue to buy them even with all the new technology and lightness that are coming to cleats these days. At $94.99, they do cost quite a bit more than other turf shoes, but the difference is that not many turf shoes are made out of quality kangaroo leather. This feature will help these shoes to last a long time and you will not be disappointed by the quality and comfort.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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