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The new owners of Liverpool are looking to shake things up a bit. First prolific striker and World Cup villain Luis Suarez arrives. Then club legend Fernando Torres is out. Who’s next? Regardless, the important thing is they will all have the opportunity to wear some pretty cool Liverpool gear, including this terrific looking Adidas Liverpool cotton t-shirt.

The shirt is certainly one of my favorite replica tees I’v seen in a very long time, a lot because of its dashing good looks. Whichever designer decided Dark Heather gray was the right color to choose– hats off to you. Dark Heather gray is one of my favorite colors for a shirt so Adidas had me a bit sold there. Next, the shirt has a real classic design for a real classic club. The shirt is relatively plain but does have some distinctive accenting features that really bring the shirt together into a terrific looking package. 3 black stripes line the shoulders and arms of the shirt, a classic Adidas design decision that I’ve always supported. A black accenting neck line helps the dark heather gray color pop a bit more and blends well with the three black line design on the arms. The Liverpool crest lays flush against the chest of the shirt, with the famous slogan, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” professionally printed on the shirt. Finally, a small black Adidas logo brings the shirt together on the other side of the chest. Did I mention this shirt is amazingly comfortable.

Cotton is truly the way to go with shirt designs. It’s a durable material that’s easily washable in case you are running around on the training pitch with the shirt and it’s quite soft to the touch. Another good choice by Adidas in going with 100% cotton material. The shirt feels like you are wearing a breathable pillow case and quite honestly, it’s a glorious sensation. It’s the ¬†perfect length shirt that fits well to your body. If you think you are a medium in this shirt, go with the medium, as sizing is true to word.

Overall, it’s a great looking shirt in a comfortable package. I highly recommend the Liverpool Cotton Tee.


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