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Getting a high quality pair of shin guards nowadays is vital for success. Problem is that many shin guards on the market are too small to protect almost any part of your leg, instead opting to make players look “stylish” or they simply are not durable. Adidas has found a nice middle-ground compromise in the new F50 Pro Lite shin guard, an affordable, comfortable solution for players wanting to break your legs on the pitch.

Adidas has rolled out a hot new Electricity color for many of their newly release products and the F50 lite is no exception. Electricity is essentially a bright neon yellow that really pops and is instantly noticeable when you place these bad boys over your legs. Love the color or hate ’em, you can’t deny that you won’t stand out from the crowd of the boring black and white pair of standard cleats out there. The shin guard also has stylish black pattern lines running up the middle and sides of the guard, making the product  a bit more unique in the process. The included shinguard sleeve also has some sense of style, too. Essentially, the sleeve is a mirror image color scheme, with black dominated most of the mesh design, with yellow accent lines distinguishing the product and keeping it from being pretty “Plain Jane”. But what’s a sexy looking product without any performance? Nothing, really. Testing showed that this product held up real well.

Bone crunching tackles were endured during rigorous training sessions (much to my dismay) and the F50 Lite performed admirably. The hard shell and protective plate line the front of the shin guard and are highly protective. I never felt as if the shin guard (or, luckily, my leg) would break during these purposeful studs up kicks to my lower half. The lightweight construction and non-constricting sleeve allowed for great blood flow to all parts of my leg so I never felt as if my performance was squeezed or constrained by the design of the shin guard. The guard was also quite comfortable. Soft synthetic lining and EVA cushioned backing material made for an experience that was one of the most comfortable I’ve had playing with guards on in a long time. Plus, the shin guard was easily removable, thanks to the highly durable and stretchy compression sleeve holding it in place. That being said, I never felt as if the shin guard would slip out of place or fall off my leg.

Overall, the F50 Pro Lite Shin Guard is a great value at under $20. It’s stylish, highly durable, and comfortable, the 3 most important components in my search for the perfect shin guard.

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