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Hey Soccer junkies, i’m stuck inside on this bright sunny day wishing I could be soaking up the sun, well that was until the adidas F50 adizero yellow soccer cleats were given to me. Their bright yellow color was like bringing the sunshine into to the office with me. Besides the coloring these cleats will have your feet smiling because of their light weight, comfort, and durability.


Bright cleats are the cool cleats to have now, and these fit right in. The bright yellow upper is accented with black stripes, lettering, and sole plate. A splash of orange is incorporated around laces to add some texture to the cleat. The cleats are also the same bright yellow the upper is. It’s a really cool looking shoe, I’m just not a fan of the clear black plastic around the bottom of the shoe. Because it’s a clear black the yellow still peaks through it and so it ends up looking like a mossy green. The plastic is there to reinforce the toe to the cleat to prevent separation, I just think clear, or yellow would have looked better.

Light Weight Technology

When I was first handed the box, the first thing I did was peak inside to make sure there were 2 cleats inside because the box was super light! This cleat was designed for the fast player who wants to get faster, and can simply do that by changing their cleats. The upper is made of a synthetic material that is so light it adds virtually no weight to the cleat.  When holding the cleat you can tell most of the weight comes form the studs. The studs are built and designed in a way to increase speed to give maximum starting  and stopping ability. If you’re a fast player than this is for you, no more worrying about a heavy cleat that will slow you down.


Lightweight cleats have  a bad reputation when it comes to comfort. Soccer shoe designers will often sacrifice features that improve comfort to decrease weight. the adidas F50 has made it a priority to ensure that when you wear these shoes you are still super comfortable all game long. If the sock-liner that comes with the shoe isn’t comfortable enough for you, the F50s come with another pair for you to decide which ones are right for you. For me the additional ones were not necessary, I was really please with the comfort with out them.


Another nasty rumor about light weight cleats is that they tend to fall apart faster than other cleats. adidas has squashed this rumor again by pay particular attention to how the cleat was made and ways to improve it’s life span. The extra support built in around the shoe helps maintain the shape so you don’t feel like the cleats are now over molding to your foot. Along with that extra bonding was added in places where cleats are known to be weaker and have a tendency to break. Your feet will love that these will last a long time and not have to worry about having to break in a new pair of cleats!


You will love these adidas cleat if you’re a fast player who no longer wants to be held back by the weight of the cleats. These are some of the fastest shoes in the world, because they are light weight and the studs are built for some of the best traction capabilities to date. These cleats will cost you around $200.00, but you won’t regret a penny of it you spend. Bring a little sunshine to you and your game go and try a pair of these adidas cleats today.

Written by: Kendra, soccer chick, soccerprose.com


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