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The cold weather seems as though it is finally here to stay. That means that you’ll have to bundle up a little more if you are playing soccer outdoors. A perfect thing to wear while you train is the Adidas Condivo 12 training pants. These pants are stylish and will help keep you warm in the cold weather.

These training pants are predominantly black and have white accents throughout to add a little color. These have a thin white stripe near the pocket and then the three Adidas stripes down the leg are white. This black and white combo is a classic look and the dark color will allow for more wear without worrying about getting them dirty.

Two other nice features these pants have are the zipper pockets and the zipper at the bottom of the pants. The zipper pockets allow you to keep your phone and wallet in your pockets and not worry about them falling out when you’re walking if you are wearing these casually. They are also a great place to store gloves when you are training in the cold. The zipper near the bottom helps tighten the bottom of the training pants. Instead of having pants that hang over your cleats and that could get stepped on, these are tight so you wont be stepping over the base of the pants.

In addition to looking great, these are also extremely comfortable. They feature climacool technology. This helps keep you dry and comfortable while you are training hard to perfect your game.

These training pants look great, feel great, and SoccerPro.com offers a deal if you order as a team. If you are ordering a large quantity, SoccerPro.com offers a percentage discount based on how many are ordered. Head over to SoccerPro.com and check out these awesome training pants before it gets even colder outside!

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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