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Ever since Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea, the only trophy that has eluded the ambitious owner has been the Champions League trophy. This year, under the leadership of new manager Andre Villas-Boas, Chelsea hopes to finally claim the trophy that they’ve been so close to recently. To support the Blues on their quest for Champions League glory, Adidas has just released a Chelsea hooded sweatshirt designed specifically for the Champions League.

This new Chelsea hooded sweatshirt is mainly black with neon orange as an accent color. The three stripes down the sleeves as well as some stitching are all neon orange which is surprisingly good looking. The Chelsea crest is stitched on to the left chest but is not the traditional Chelsea badge. The crest on this sweatshirt is neon orange as well to tie in all the colors. The right chest has “UEFA Champions League” stitched on with the Champions League ball logo above the lettering. An interesting feature of this hooded sweatshirt is a zip up neck that goes down the side of the sleeve. When you zip it up entirely, it is almost like a turtleneck with a hood. It also has the Adidas badge on the back right shoulder of the jacket.

This Chelsea sweatshirt is one of the most comfortable hoody’s I’ve tried on. It is made primarily out of cotton which provides a very comfortable feel. It also does not have a bulky feel to it that you get with most hooded sweatshirts. It fits pretty true to size, it is not too long or too short which is the problem with most soccer apparel. At first the non-traditional zipper is a little strange because I was not used to a sweatshirt with a zipper. However, after I had it on for a little bit I grew fond of the zipper. It helps to give you more protection when it is cold out and if you get a little hot you can unzip it a little bit for more breathability. It’s a very nice feature that you do not often get with hooded sweatshirts.

This sweatshirt, as I said before, is extremely comfortable and has a great design. It’s nice to get a change of pace when it comes to professional teams. We get so accustomed to their traditional colors that sometimes we miss a great looking product that gives a different feel to the team you hold near and dear to your heart. At $69.99 it is not overly expensive and would be a perfect gift for that Chelsea fan in your life.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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  1. Where can I buy this top and how much please

  2. Where can I buy in Croatia ?

  3. We have one medium left, and we are able to send it to Croatia if you want to purchase from SoccerPro.com

  4. Medium is too small for me 🙂

  5. Rodrigo Serrano

    I’m from Brazil. Do you have one of this left and is it possible to send it to my country?

  6. We would be able to send it to Brazil, however we do not have any left in stock.

  7. are you getting new stock anytime soon?

  8. We will not be getting any new stock in this particular item.

  9. I want to buy it as soon as possible !

  10. Hi, any chanse to by size M, and send to Lithuania?

  11. When you have a sweatshirt in stock? Please? I want size L

  12. I want to buy this product you deliver it to Russia

  13. LOve this sweatshirt! Only problem is that the zipper does not zip completely all the way up leaving your neck a bit uncomfortable at times. Other than that its amazing and the orange really stands out! good luck finding it people

  14. I need it in Small pls. How much does it cost and can i buy the pants too here?

  15. Where can I buy this top? I want to buy from anywhere 🙂 thanks