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So you’re in the market for a pair of soft ground cleats. Yep, me too. But how often do you truly wear a pair of soft ground cleats? Twice, maybe three times a campaign? For most soccer players, this is probably the case (at least what I have found in my experience). I’m really not willing to drop a huge chunk of change on a pair of boots that could potentially get that few of uses in one season. Smartly, the value soft ground segment was created with the introduction of the Adidas Adinova III SG.

The first thing one will notice about the Adinova Soft Ground shoe is it’s similar design inspired by the Adipure III, a popular firm ground cleat available to players. It’s a classic-looking Adidas product: 3 white stripes lining a mostly black design with a few Adidas logos sprinkled here and there. It’s clean, traditional, and perhaps a bit plain. All in all, it’s a professional’s looking boot. Gold stitching helps dress up the boot and provide that bit of class you may have been looking for in a cleat. The lacing is also in a traditional set, with straight up and down designing instead of the asymmetrical look of some modern cleats out there. Really, if you want a hard nosed looking cleat, you can’t go wrong with this bad boy.

The upper is made of full grain leather. This means you’ll feel an excellent touch with every movement on the pitch. You’ll also get an amazingly durable shoe that won’t fall apart on you after a few training sessions. The midsole features synthetic lining so you don’t chafe your feet and get irritable from the onset.  The shoe also features a patented AdiPrene insole so you can absorb each thundering stomp you take on the field all the while feeling immense comfort. The outsole is what really sets the shoe apart from a traditional firm ground shoe. On wet and muddy pitches, a pair of soft ground cleats can make all the difference in the world. Traditional screw-in 6 stud configuration should help you maximize your control on the pitch and get your mind off of those pesky firm ground cleats that made you slip all over the place in previous matches. The shoe was tested in a water-logged field and I did not slip once.

The Adidas Adinova Soft Ground Cleats are a great value buy. The full grain leather is highly durable, the stud configuration works great, and the shoe looks about as traditional as you can get.

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