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Field turf is becoming super popular in today’s soccer world because of its ability to ALWAYS provide a smooth surface, something that grass can only do when perfectly groomed. When playing on field turf there are a couple of different shoe options you can choose–some go with cleats, some with turf shoes, and some with plain flats. I usually choose cleats but have played in the classic adidas Mundial Team Turf Shoes before and really liked how they felt. Here are some thoughts..

adidas Adi5 XStyle: The “Neo Iron Metallic” color looks awesome. The three stripes on these adidas shoes are a fluorescent red color that brings the shoe to life a bit. On the inside of the foot “adi5” is almost subliminally written in streaking red lines, which is a pretty sweet design in my opinion. Even though these have small rubber studs on the bottom, I don’t think it would be a stretch to wear these every day. Grade: A

Fit: Once again another extremely comfortable shoe from adidas. The gel sole will be kind to your joints and keep your legs fresh longer. Mesh material that makes up the upper is really soft and makes my foot very happy. There is a little more room near the toe than the Top Salas I tried on about an hour ago, which makes my toes comfortable. The foot doesn’t slip or anything, so there’s no need for a sizing adjustment. Grade: B+

Features: Sticky, rubber-like, lines jetting across the foreface of the upper should allow you to put nasty curve on the ball. The small turf studs are perfect size for playing on field turf, however they are also small enough to make this shoe acceptable for every day wear and even use on indoor courts. Grade: A

The adidas adi5 X’s definitely make the old Mundial Teams seem outdated with their much more modern look. These bad boys are super comfortable and I am thinking of getting a pair to wear during inter murals. Only $53.99? Say whaaat, definitely worth the money in my opinion.

Written by Mason: “the adi5 X make the mundial teams jealous of their younger brother”


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