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Time to go retro with this new AC Milan jersey. A clear nod to the famous 1901 Milan kit, the team’s new home shirt takes a bit of getting used to but will be a classic jersey in its own right.

The first noticeable difference over last year’s jersey is the use of thinner red and black stripes. I will say the new design choice by Adidas is a bit less sleek, but that’s not what the club was exactly going for with this iteration of the iconic jersey. The look is a bit more cluttered this year, but somehow maintains a classic look, thanks in most part to the white accents newly introduced for this jersey. Three white stripes line the shoulders and accent the red and black colorway well. In addition, the sleeves have a white trim and class up the shirt a bit more. To round out all the white classy accents is a white neck trim with a bit of red taken from the main color on the front. Besides these sweeping changes, the jersey remains relatively unchanged. The Fly Emirates sponsorship remains a pertinent part of the squad’s look and seems to look well on those red and black stripes. In addition, the same Milan crest and Adidas logo sit in about the same spot as last year’s design.

The similarities from last year’s design don’t end there, however. The performance remains unchanged, which is awesome. ClimaCool technology makes the shirt real breathable and versatile to be worn in almost any situation. The new kit also features the same 100% polyester fabric from last year and previous Adidas replica gear so even if you spill mustard on that new kit, it’s got a good chance of coming out despite your tomfoolery. Machine wash will work well for the jersey and in reality, the excellent design and materials used in the shirt means minimal extra care on your end. Truth be told, performance is identical from other Adidas jerseys. However, the look for the Rossoneri is the most different it’s been in years. All these new design changes are a bit overwhelming but the shirt is enough like older home kits that it’s not a complete overhaul.

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