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  • Beckham Wants Salary Cap Removed from MLS

    Beckham Wants Salary Cap Removed from MLS

    A discussion in my household about the MLS rarely strays far away from my wife’s beloved Portland Timbers and her constant desire to see the “fish gutted” in their current campaign. However, after the beginning of the season has shown serious doubt on whether the Timbers can return to last […]

  • Who’s Striking for the USMNT?

    Who’s Striking for the USMNT?

    It’s going to be an interesting next few months for United States strikers. With only 4-5 open spots on the roster for forwards, no one envies the decisions that Jurgen Klinsmann has to make. We’ve got three vets that will be top prospects for Klinsmann this year: Clint Dempsey, Eddie […]

  • Pepsi Show off Global 2014 Football Roster

    Pepsi Show off Global 2014 Football Roster

    Pepsi has unveiled details of their superstar 2014 football squad, bringing together an unprecedented wealth of international talent to create one of the most jam packed, multi-talented and iconic lineups ever. 19 of the world’s greatest players, spanning five continents and nearly 20 countries, are uniting with Pepsi to inspire […]

  • Diego Costa: Hot Commodity in 2014

    Diego Costa: Hot Commodity in 2014

    With the winter transfer window upon us and a massive amount of teams looking for a viable option to lead their attack, many teams will be turning their attention to Atletico Madrid and Diego Costa. A red-hot striker this season, Costa has paired himself with the best defense in La […]

  • Dempsey To “Vacation” With Fulham

    Dempsey To “Vacation” With Fulham

    Any follower of the MLS post-season will be well aware of how Clint Dempsey and the Sounders made their exit at the hands of their most hated rival and really looked like they had been run off the pitch by a team without a true high-dollar star. Considering how much […]

  • First Impressions: 11Pro II

    First Impressions: 11Pro II

    Considering how big a fan the entire footballing world has always been of the adiPure range from adidas, every incarnation of the boot has large shoes to fill. Although a good boot, the original 11Pro left many longtime fans of the adiPure range unsatisfied and became one of the few […]