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  • Summer Transfer Season – The Winners

    The summer transfer season in Europe makes for great Internet and newspaper rumor fodder. Sadly though, what the transfer season routinely becomes is just talk with no action. And while some big clubs (AC Milan, Juventus, and Arsenal) haven’t splashed the cash around, the influx of big dollars to the […]

  • Mason’s Blog: Season Recap

    This is Mason Morawitz again for the recap of my club soccer season, and a preview of what’s to come of my junior season at Hickman High School. Have you ever had that feeling that you were just having the season of your life? Well that’s precisely the feeling I […]

  • Nike Total 90 Laser – You Down with S.P.P.?

    Most high-performance level soccer shoes will boast better touch, superior quality materials and excellent comfort for the player. And they’ll have an element of the shoe that makes it stand out – something that makes a $185-$200 price tag a bit more understandable. The new Nike Total 90 Laser firm […]

  • L’Effet d’Henry (The Henry Effect)

    While there are countless articles of insight and speculation regarding the future of Arsenal Football Club sans Monsieur Henry floating around, there are fewer taking on the issue of how his £16million move to Barcelona affects the nature of the transfer market in international football. Thierry Henry is a player […]

  • Lala Land?

    By nature I’m a realist. Now whether or not that makes me overly cynical or pessimistic I’m not sure, but I do try to be reasonable when considering my options. In this case, I’m torn over the comments made by Los Angeles Galaxy president, and former U.S. national team stalwart, […]

  • Juan Pablo Angel gets his Wings

    He was never hailed as the savior of Major League Soccer — unlike a certain former English Premier League golden boy — but the arrival of Juan Pablo Angel to the New York Red Bulls, and more importantly U.S. soccer has already begun to pay major dividends. Since Angel was […]

  • Don’t Tread on Me, Alan Shearer

     You don’t have to tell the savvy footy fan in the U.S. that our soccer is not the best in the world. Anyone who knows anything about the world of sport outside our borders knows of, or has heard of the passion and skill with which the beautiful game is […]

  • The Greatest Soccer Game Ever Played… Again

    It has been called one of the greatest nights in European football history. Liverpool’s dramatic comeback from a 3-0 deficit in the second half of the Champions League final against AC Milan in 2005 was a fitting end between two of Europe’s most storied sides. One can only hope that […]