Arsenal v. Man Utd

Match Preview: Arsenal v. Manchester United

If you had asked me for my dream match this season in August, a match with the quality to impress, and the power to truly change the fortunes of the leagues biggest sides, it would have been Chelsea v. Manchester City, but since then the men in Arsenal jerseys and Manchester United kit have proven that they are the most volatile combo one could hope for. Now, for the last two weeks I’ve felt like Moses trying to get blood fro ma stone, desperately hoping for some show of quality out of England that could match the excitement of the Champions League. Today, I think I’ll finally get it.

Arsenal and Manchester United have a storied history of beating the blood out of each other when they meet, as happened in 1990, and I’m looking forward to a cracking, but bad tempered match. Granted, you won’t have Roy Keane and Eric Cantona working as hatchet men, but I’m sure Vidic will get a chance for an elbow or two. Either way, if should be a great match and here’s why.

Alex Ferguson’s men are on the top of the world at the moment, although they may wonder how that happened. It certainly hasn’t been down to their play on the field which has looked at times to be as bad off as Wayne Rooney’s marriage. However, now that the man in the Rooney jersey is almost back to match fit and they have a long tradition of improving throughout the season to finish at the top. Paradoxically, the worse their troubles at the start of the season the better they seem to fair at the end. The saga involving Ronaldo’s “enslavement” at the club being a particularly absurd example.

As for Arsenal, they have two things working against them. Their open style of football leaves them open on the break, and they have an atrocious record when playing against to flight opponents. United have won 4 of the last 5 meetings between the two teams, destroying Arsene Wenger’s side by sitting back and waiting for them to over extend themselves by committing too many players to the attack. They then parry the assault through the skill of Ferdinand, and run down on the break catching Arsenal out of position and slot the ball past the seemingly greased hands of Lukasz Fabianski. Its worked to great effect in the past, and I’m relatively certain Ferguson’s men will try to make it work again, but they will need to be in top form for it. Keep in mind, most teams try this against Arsenal, but don’t have the quality to stop their attack, or the speed to punish them on the break.

I think its going to come down to the form of each side. If United are playing at their peak, and Rooney makes those incisive he was so famous for, the Gunners don’t have a hope in the world. On the other hand, if Arsenal can count on Nasri, and Fabinski and the not so dynamic Koscielny and Squillaci stay awake, it could definitely go their way. Fabregas is doubtful, which will hurt them, but they should be able to bring him on in the second half if they need to. As for United, look for Chicharito to feature with Rooney playing second fiddle as thye try to catch Arsenal on the break. Overall, it should be an exciting and fast paced match with great goals.

I’m predicting Man Utd 1-2 Arsenal

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Adidas Predator X FG Electricity Review

I am feeling the full adipower Predator X electricity’s as I hold them in my hand. They are out and like the Nike Safari Superflys, if you like, or can get past the color, they area classy pair of boots for the serious football player who wants some adipower in his shot.

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Keane in the Face

Match Day Sale at (20% off Man Utd and Arsenal)

So our friends at have let us in on a little secret, through there not so secret mailing list, that in honor of the massive Manchester United v. Arsenal clash all licensed items for both teams are 20% off. The sale runs through the 13 of December, and you don’t need a coupon code so its open to everyone, not just an inner circle. You may not be able to tell looking at the homepage, but check the prices on Manchester United jerseys, you’ll see its true. For my part, I’m grabbing an Arsenal jersey.

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Adidas AdiNova v. Adidas Copa Mundial Video

So would you rather be caressed by the Adiprene insole of a Adidas AdiNova turf shoes, or feel the history of a storied Copa Mundial boot on your feet?

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Hamza Boudlal Makes a Scorpion Save

In another video thats sure to go viral brings you Hamza Boudlal, a relative unknown for KACM Marrakech. He actually did this scorpion kick save in the 82nd minute of a match that was tied 1-1. Few goalies have ever attempted this in match, the most famous being Rene Higuita against England during the 1994 World Cup. He then acts like it was no big deal. If this is normal in the Moroccan league, I’ll have to start paying more attention to soccer in Magreb. The man must have an ego to match Cristiano Ronaldo or he’s a completely lost the plot….

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Arsenal Crest

Arsenal v. Partizan Belgrade After Match Report

Well it was a cracking, but sometimes frustrating affair for both teams in the cold of the Emirates as Arsenal beat Partizan Belgrade 3-1. The match was a relatively open end to end affair, but the first half had to be frustrating for the Gunner faithful. It didn’t seem to matter where the ball cam into the Partizan area from their defense simply would not crack under the pressure. A penalty was always coming out of this hostile environment, and sure enough on the turn of the 15th minute Jovanovic brought down Van Persie in the penalty area, leading to a pot kick. Van Persie, the perpetually injured but sometimes stubborn forward, picked himself up and slotted the kick home for the Arsenal jersey first. The rest of the half was marked by Partizan staying on the back foot and hoping to score on the break. It looked like a second goal was coming for Arsenal, but it was Partizan who would grab the advantage as they pushed forward on the break. They had hardly been in the Arsenal half for most of the match, but because Cleo’s curling shot from the edge of the box took an ugly deflection off Sebastien Squillaci’s back, it somehow looped over Lukasz Fabianski and landed in the back of the net.

With the scores level, Arsenal went back on the attack pressing men forward, bringing on Walcott as a sub for Arshavin with 25 minutes left. It turned out to be an inspired choice by Arsene Wenger as the youngster found the back of the net within minutes taking a deflected Sagna cross onto his chest and smartly slotting it into the goal. Again, the superb and consistent pressure by the Gunners allowed their skill to show. The final goal, to the delight of Gunners fans, came from Alex Song combining with Nicklas Bendtner, who has just come on for Marouane Chamakh. His pass slipped Samir Nasri clear inside the box who turned to slot home Arsenal’s third goal of the night.

Unfortunately for the Gunners, the match didnt end there as Bacary Sagna caught Aleksandar Lazevski on the edge of the box and somehow his challenge was deemed worthy of a red card by referee Paolo Tagliavento. It didn’t look too rough to me, a free kick maybe, but surely not a red card. From the resulting free-kick, Radosav Petrovic smashed a shot that Fabianski punched away.

Overall, it was an interesting match, but not the best I’ve seen so far. It seems Tottenham are the best English side to watch this year, with Arsenal displaying an awkward, nervy streak at times during the match. I don’t think Partizan have deserved two goals from tonight’s performance, but to be honest, I’m not sure if Arsene Wenger’s side have what it takes to compete with Barcelona or Real Madrid. After the match, Robin van Persie said: “As a football fan, Barcelona or Real Madrid… but we will have to wait and see.” I’m not sure how many Gunners will be looking forward to that after tonight.

Arsenal 3-1 Partizan Belgrade

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Fail of the Day: Sander Boschker

FC Twente Goalkeeper provided us with this gem of a play yesterday in the 3-3 draw with group winner Tottenham in yesterday’s European clash. What a way to start a Champions League Debut. To be fair, the game turned out to be virtually meaningless and it can happen to the best in the world.

Arsenal Jersey Giveaway

So our friends over at are giving away an Arsenal jersey, home or away, winners pick, for correctly predicting the result of their Champions League clash with Paritizan Belgrade.

Check it out here.

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matty burrows kisses crest

Matty Burrows Travels to Puskas Awards Ceremony

Matty Burrows, the terror of Northern Irish league goalies, and hometown hero of Glentoran FC is to travel to the gala wards dinner with all of the other ten nominees for the Puskas Award. Given in honor of Hungarian legend Ferenc Puskas, the award recognizes the player who scored the most thrilling, technically difficult, and consequential goal in all competitions. The competition for Burrows is fierce, with Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, and Samir Nasri all in the running along with South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala, who scored the opening goal of the tournament against Mexico.

All ten of the nominees will be attending, so his traveling to the ceremony alone doesn’t mean much. But the quality of his stunning goal, and its significance coming in the 92nd minute, combined with the fact he doesn’t play for a major club side may give the edge necessary to win the Ballon d’Or.

See all of the goals on FIFA Puskas Awards Page.

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