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Real Madrid haven’t had the best of luck of with buses ever since Sergio Ramos dropped the Copa del Ray off the top of one and it was unceremoniously crushed beneath it. In fact, one might even wonder if they had been cursed by the man who had to hammer the bloody thing back into to something resembling a trophy. At any rate, prior to each match the driver of the Madrid team bus parks it illegally on the street, near the players entrance, so they can leave quickly without too much fuss. Now as some of us who have been to Spain know, the traffic laws are very liberally interpreted, and for my part I got out of a 50 Euro ticket in Sevilla with a kind word and a sandwich. However this particular copper was incorruptible and did her part to pay down the national debt.

Funny enough…seems the same thing happened on their American tour last year…Maybe she’s a Barcelona fan, but I’m sure the bus will be parked their next week, and maybe she’ll be waiting.


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