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Former Argentina National coach Diego Maradona has recently expressed interest in the vacant Portugal national team coach position. The world should be jumping up and down for more than a few reasons:

1). More Players Picked from His Dreams/Spirits: During his tenure managing Argentina, Maradona had a dream of Argentina winning the World Cup and the only player he can remember in the squad is Ariel Garce. Supposedly this is why veteran defender Javier Zanetti was left off the squad for South Africa. If Maradona gets the Portugal gig, expect him to call up new Manchester United man Bebe and leave out captain Cristiano Ronaldo. His reasoning? “A spirit told me to do it, and I don’t mess with spirits.”

2). Wonderful Impressions: Maradona is known for his hilarious and completely inaccurate impressions of opposing team’s players. We can only hope for his best Lionel Messi impression in a few years time.

3). New Threats: His threat of running through the streets of Buenos Aires naked if his boys won the World Cup probably scared the team into losing on purpose to Germany in South Africa. New possible threats for winning the World Cup: managing in the nude as a reward to the players, becoming a Portuguese citizen, or simply moving to Portugal

4). New Celebrations: Diego’s dive after Argentina qualified for the World Cup was pretty stellar in its own right, but he should be able to step up his game with the king of cocky, Cristiano Ronaldo. Coordinated celebrations with all the players and coaches following each Portuguese goal will become a cornerstone of his management style, possibly rivaling the Icelandic Celebrations

5). Amazing Free Kick Videos: For the sake of YouTube solely, Maradona should be forced back into managing Portugal. Maradona needs to have his own YouTube channel with all the highlights he has produced following his playing career, like this one. His free kicks are on par with some of the best in the world, still.

Written by Chris Behrens, SoccerProse.com


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