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Now I know its not as bad a Roseanne Barr’s infamous rendition of the national anthem at Soldier Field, but “singer” Victoria Zarlenga managed to murder the US national anthem in spectacular fashion before the USA-Scotland friendly last weekend. Soccer may not be the biggest sport in the USA, but for God sake you’d think they could at least find someone who could sing on key instead of the beating each high note into submission. From the get it seems rough, but the end of the tune its apparent this woman has a voice that could strip the gray off a Scottish castle. I mean she really hammers the nail in the coffin as her weaselly wine smashes the spirits and eardrums of all who were unfortunate enough to listen.

The USMNT went on to beat the Scots 5-1 thanks to skillful play and a hat trick from Landon Donovan; inaugurating their new “where[‘s waldo” style kit in spectacular fashion. For my part, I enjoyed the match, but the kit actually looks sharp on field and I may have to pick up one the new USMNT jerseys. Donovan played well, and the team had good shape so maybe Klinsmann changed are finally paying off. To bad they didn’t qualify for the Olympics.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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