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I can remember back in the day when I was a little soccer dude, and I distinctly recall thinking my Adidas indoor shoes were just the coolest, which of course made me cool by association. Though I rocked the Sambas, I think the Adidas Predito Youth Turf shoes will provide the same level of amazement and coolness for a young dude or dudette. Shoe design has certainly come a long way since I fit into youth sizes. These bad boys share a lot of the same design qualities as their cousin, the firm ground Predito cleats. They’re made from synthetic leather, like pretty much every youth shoe, but they also come with the TRAXION outsole to give the little tikes some added grip and comfort on turf and hard ground surfaces.

Striking surface probably isn’t that important to little kids, but they still built the shoe with a pretty solid striking area just like the Adidas Predator. Kinetic energy is designed to travel along the base of your foot to the ball through the Powerspine so it might offer a physics lesson too. Aside from the technical stuff, this shoe is pretty sweet lookin’. The regular 3-stripe design has been stylized, both on the inside and outside of the foot. The inside changes it up and turns each stripe into a set of 4 thinner navy stripes, and the outside keeps the stripes a solid navy with thinner royal blue lines running through each stripe. Pretty cool.

The heel of the shoe has the same look as the outdoor cleats with a silver band horizontally along the heel and some cool little stitching patterns. Overall, I think this would be the shoe that could be used as both a playing shoe and a recreational shoe. Any kid walking into their 2nd or 3rd (or whatever grade they’re in) will definitely be stylin’ and profilin’ when they get to school in these puppies. They’re comfortable, so your kid will want to wear them. They’re durable, so one pair will last quite some time even if used for more than one purpose. They’re only $31.49 per pair, so they’re super affordable and make a great gift idea!

Written by: Kristopher Dyer, shoe dude for soccerprose.com


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