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If you’re looking for the best shoes on the planet, you’ve come to the right place. Yes, you are forking over a pretty good chunk of change for the best (to be expected) but you’ll get some boots that will simply put you above and beyond the rest of the competition. The main feature of this category of shoes is the lightweight feel of the shoes. Most boots will weigh in at less than 9 ounces, an amazing achievement considering what they have to pack into a soccer shoe. The two main choices you have in this segment of boots include the Adidas F50 Adizero and the Nike Superfly. You really can’t go wrong with either choice, as the top players in the world are sporting one of the two, typically. Lionel Messi is rocking the Adizeros while Cristiano Ronaldo is sporting the Superfly. The emphasis in lightweight technology really helps play late in the game when tired legs begin to set in and performance begins to drop.

Adidas rocks the lightest boot on the market at a ridiculous 165 grams by doing a few things. First, the sockliner is ultralight, and although you wouldn’t think this makes much a difference, you need to shave off every gram of weight to step your game up. Secondly, the boot is made of synthetic leather that is ultra durable and significantly lighter than kangaroo leather. Finally, the patented sprint frame construction on the outsole and TRAXION studs help you to feel as light as a feather on your feet. Nike also does a few patented things to reduce weight. Flywire technology is used throughout the upper to reduce weight and increase arch support, a necessity if you feel like the boots have no substance to them. Nike also has implemented adaptive traction studs, which literally transform depending on your movement on the pitch. This amazing technology allows you to make crisp sharp turns and provide maximum acceleration with your first step. Finally, the Superfly uses a synthetic Tejin leather that conforms to your foot, so you essentially get a custom fit boot. All these features combine to make you feel as light on your feet as possible and play with raw speed and power. You can be at your best all game long with top-of-the-line lightweight cleats.

If you don’t feel like forking over $250+ on a pair of soccer cleats, you still shouldn’t have a problem finding a great pair of shoes that will last you a long time. The great thing about this category of shoes is how many choices are available to you. One of the most popular options available is the Nike Vapor, a close relative of the Nike Superfly shoe. Nike still emphasized light weight technology in the Vapor, but it is slightly heavier than the Superfly. The Vapor has the same Flywire technology and Tejin leather seen on the Superfly and is also durable, thanks to its carbon fiber chassis on the outsole. It’s a top-selling boot for its dashing good looks and terrific performance. There are plenty of other options in this category, too, if you’re not interested in the Vapor.

The Puma Powercat is a great option if you’re looking for a highly durable shoe. The Powercat is made of the highly durable and conforming Kangaroo Leather, which is highly comfortable to wear and offers a natural feel and touch on the ball. It’s really a traditional soccer cleat that you know will last you a long time and deliver great performance. Another great option is the Nike Total 90 Soccer Shoes series. The shoes are somewhat similar to the discontinuing Adidas Predator line, in that the shoe includes a shot shield designed for increased power and swerve. The Total 90 series is also customized with Kangaroo leather for high durability and a custom fit. Wayne Rooney is a big advocate of the line so you know you are getting a quality product. Another great option to explore is the Adidas Adipure line. The shoes are also equipped with the ultra-soft Kangaroo leather so you get that glove fit for ultimate comfort. The TPU plate on the outsole also helps to make the shoe lightweight and compete with the other lightweight boots on the market. The great thing about this category of shoes is that you’ll have tons of options for your personal style and playing position.

A concern of many lightweight synthetic cleats is the durability of the product. If you want something reliable, you’ll probably need a K-leather cleat that follows some of the traditional styling of soccer. Nothing could be more traditional than the classic Adidas Copa soccer shoes. It’s a classic Adidas product that’s been around the block for more than 20 years and for good reason. The shoe is made of high quality K-leather that gives every one of your touches a predictable trajectory. The stud pattern is classic and perfect for firm ground surfaces. Plus, it’s got a direct injected outsole for optimized fit and comfort. These shoes require no breaking in so you can wear them as soon as you open up your sweet package. You really can’t go wrong by picking up this cleat that will last you through a treacherous campaign or two.

The Puma King is also a great option if you are in the market for a classic boot. The King also uses premium Kangaroo leather so you’ll be getting a highly durable shoe. These Puma soccer shoes are inspired from the 1986 Mexico Finale boot, one of the most celebrated soccer shoes created (besides of course, the Copa Mundial). The shoe also sports a classic white tongue for keeping your laces in place and getting a larger ball strike area for increased control and shot power. Plus the shoe has classic conical studs inspired from original designs of soccer cleats. You can’t get much more classic than the King or much more reliable, thanks to the high quality materials

If you are simply just embarking on your epic soccer career or you simply play in non-competitive environments, you may be in tune to find a cleat that will simply hold together and give you minimal performance features for a good price. Luckily, the soccer shoe market is ripe with these sorts of products just for you. Nearly all these sorts of soccer cleats are spin-offs of parent shoes that cost up to $300 more than their counterparts. At any rate, you’ll have an awesome amount of choices at your disposal. The Nike Mercurial Victory is a great choice if you are trying to emulate the feel of the lightweight Superfly. The Nike Total 90 soccer shoe series is also directly inspired by the Total 90 Laser series, heavily advocated by the controversial The Adinova is heavily inspired by the Adipure series of cleats and is still made of high quality full grain leather.

If you are looking for straying away from the two big brands, you’ve still got some great choices. Diadora soccer cleats are pretty quality and affordable for the modern-day footballer. Umbro soccer shoes are also a pretty established product line with lots of upside and a bit of style, too.

Soft ground cleats are certainly more difficult to locate than firm ground cleats. This is mainly because players don’t encounter treacherously muddy pitches on a game-by-game basis, rather it is typically a few isolated experiences per campaign. Needless to say, the choices are a bit limited, but this does not deny them a standard of quality. The main thing to look for in soft ground soccer shoes is long conical metallic studs. These will allow you to gain maximum traction on that nasty play surface and hand you the ability to execute pin point turns. Another good feature to look for in this sort of boot is a quality material, usually a lightweight synthetic leather or durable Kangaroo leather. Durability is a key component, since water-logged pitches may wear down your cleats in a heart beat if you have a poorly made product.


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