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Well its official the evil of Hicks and Gillett is over at Anfield as an enraged English judge declared their last gasp injunction against the sale void in the UK, and threaten to hold them in contempt if they don’t revoke it by Friday. The seeds of this latest defeat for the dark lord and his apprentice were layed the minute they lost the first case, as no self respecting judge would reverse his verdict from the day before simply because an American court told him too. America may be a superpower, although few honestly believe that outside her borders, but on the legal playing field, Britain had the upper hand. The very gall of this latest attempt to stop the sale of the club to NESV, and the injunction filed bored on the absurd and represent the machinations of two men totally divorced from reality.

See a copy here: Injunction .pdf

The injunction, or “Texas ambush,” which sought $1 billion dollars in damages, has the tone of two angry school boys telling daddy “its not fair!” as they stamp there feet in protest. In accusing the directors, including chairman Martin Broughton, managing director Christian Purslow, and commercial director Ian Ayre, of forming an evil cabal bent on destroying their interests in the club the two men continue to destroy what little professional credibility they have left. David Conn of the Guardian.co.uk explained it best: “Last night’s injunction, which Liverpool and RBS are seeking to overturn, came as a blow but, on a moment’s reflection, the further resistance from Hicks was not surprising. What jarred, though, was the violence of the language in this legal document, the descriptions – of “defendant Broughton and another unnamed co-conspirator”, the claim of an “epic swindle” – by a man who seems to believe he has brought solid success to Liverpool football club.” They have essentially blamed every problem at the club sort of the rain coming down from the sky on anyone but themselves and I’m gobsmacked by the notions. Hicks and Gillett are out, but at least we’ll always know that those two dark figure, half Voldemort, half Yosemite Sam skulking back to Texas will always have each other.

As for NESV, no one real seems to be sure what it will mean for the Liverpool jersey. They say will inject capital as they did with the Boston Red Sox and restore Liverpool to the top of the Premiership. This sort of thing has been promised before, by Hicks and Gillett in fact, and questions have been raised about NESV’s financing, but the fact remains the situation could scarcely get worse, and for the time being there is nothing to do but wait. If NESV bring nothing else with them, at least they understand how to work with a fervent group of supporters, and bring a thin ray of hope to shine on a very dark Anfield.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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