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We’ve all heard of players asking for a move out of the club in a formal sense by sending in a written transfer request to their respective club. However, social networking has changed the game and bench-warmer Tuncay is looking to utilize the powers of these tools in a bizarre fashion. The frustrated striker, who has started 29 of 53 games for Stoke from the bench since his £5 million move from Middlesbrough, has posted a top 10 goal compilation from his career in an apparent plea or dig toward Stoke manager Tony Pulis. Strangely enough, 7 of his 10 goals were from his time at Ferbanche, where he spent five years of his career over 3 years ago. Another goal was from his time at Middlesbrough.

I’m not sure how to take this move. It’s an interesting ploy from Turkish striker to post highlights of your career from previous teams. My first thought: Where have all the goals been since arriving at Stoke? Proving yourself in training and on the pitch through clinical training apparently was too much for Tuncay to continue to try to accomplish. The Turkey national team captain is undoubtedly a talented player, with loads of pace and a decent goal return rate at everywhere but Stoke. In his time at the EPL side, the Turk has managed just 8 goals in 53 appearances. The Sun helped out this story by citing a source close to Tuncay:

“Retaining team shape is not his major asset but there is little doubt another club would surely welcome his maverick talent and this video shows exactly what he is all about.

“It’s an unusual way for a top player to try to sell himself but maybe it will work.”

Self promotion is not generally required for a top talent, so we can generally assume Tuncay doesn’t regard himself as too much of a top-tier talent anymore. Ultimately, it’s a sad ploy, considering not even a hint of interest comes from Turkish clubs or another club. For now, the oft-used striker hopefully will forget about this shameless self-promotion. Maybe he should start training harder and proving to be a better asset to the club then current Stoke strikers Kenywne Jones, Ricardo Fuller, and Mamady Sidibe on the pitch. Or he could produce another video. Your choice, Tuncay.


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