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So I have made much of Liverpool’s finances and recent form in the Premier League this season, and have expected things to get worse before they get better, but even I was shocked by the result this past Sunday. Now before I say anything else, fair play to Blackpool and congratulations on the win. The tangerines played all-out for 90 minutes, and looked inspired in the first half and they ran riot over the whole ground, playing end to end, and stringing together some lovely passes.

It’s often said that there are three types of teams in the Premiership. The first, are the likes of Man Utd, Chlesea, and (until recently) Liverpool; who are the perennial top 5 and have the money to spend. The second type are more like Newcastle or Man City; and hover somewhere in the middle of the table, bringing up new talent in new soccer shoes which is then sold on to the top tier, keeping the clubs solvent, but never allowing them to advance beyond that. The third type of team, are the likes of Bolton or Leicester or some other lower division side who are good enough for promotion, give it their all in the Premiership, and are then relegated and sell their best players to the 2nd tiers teams for further development. Blackpool seem to be the rare bird that, like a phoenix or a bad penny, are going to stay up this season. I’m really very happy to see this as it adds some much needed variety to the mix; I’m just sorry it had to come at Liverpool’s expense.

As for the men in Liverpool jerseys, the reaction of the fans at the half says it all. Torres limped off after 10 minutes, so I’ll leave him out of it, but the rest of the reds looked like a rock being swamped by the rising tide from the Blackpool shore. Granted there have been some pitiful plays of football over the years, Saudi Arabia being beaten 12-0 in the 2006 World Cup comes to mind, but this is without a doubt the worst first half performance of a top flight team in recent history. It is both shocking, and somewhat unbelievable, that a side containing the likes of Gerrard, Kuyt, Carragher, and Ngog could put on display more like that of men on life support. It seemed at times they couldn’t even string two passes together let alone get back to defend from what must be said were fairly soft crosses. For the most part, it looked as if Blackpool were hitting a pack of kittens with a tennis racket, not playing a European quality side. The fans were right to boo them off at the half, and what’s more, it seems to have had some positive effect as they played much better upon there return to the pitch.

As for the second half, there were moments of brilliance, inspired by the lone figure of Gerrard. Working hard as usual, he provided the one chance that went in, but even his brilliance and faith couldn’t save the result for Liverpool.
Overall, its clear now that the fortunes of the club and the fat cat antics of its owners have effected the players, and the manager. I don’t blame Roy Hodgson for the form of the team entirely, the whole atmosphere has become toxic, and will stay that way until the two clowns from uptown, Hicks and Gillett are put to the curb or the poor house where they belong.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerprose.com


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