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Aston Villa's Delph

In one of the most odd transfer stories in recent history, Fabian Delph now finds himself part of something that will certainly go down in transfer lore. The move will see the England international suiting up for Manchester City in the upcoming season, and a positive step for a player whose potential seems to be growing with each positive performance.

With what started as a full-on story about a player finally saying no to the money bags over at the Etihad and choosing constant first-team football instead of joining a ridiculous wealth of the midfield for City has now turned on its head. While some would not have understood why Delph would stay with Aston Villa over the Champions League football and title chase over with Manchester City, Delph did not have to make this move to achieve notoriety. Delph is starting to become a regular on the English first team, his stock is on the rise, and his position as a midfield engine is something that every major European player is in the market for.

However, the lure of the blue moon turned out to be just too much for Delph.

With a transfer fee of $11 million, Delph’s move has a lot of positive upside for the Citizens. A relatively cheap move for the blue side of Manchester, Delph could command a similar amount on the transfer market (if not more) even if City choose to hold onto their newest midfielder until after he turns 30…a financially viable move. Delph also helps a glory-hunting team like City to bring in another British player to satisfy the league requirements on home grown players as James Milner departs for Liverpool. Also, at 25, Delph still has plenty of time at the height of his game and even 2 or 3 years where he can grow into his prime.

For Delph, the benefits are obvious. Trading up big-time in nearly every single aspect, the move to Manchester City is not surprising. The battle for getting into the Europa League is over, and the Champions League appearances are going to start racking up. While Villa were within touching distance of a medal at the end of last season, Delph will now find himself involved in possibilities for winner’s medals around nearly every turn. The only worry will be getting his time on the pitch with so many other midfield options for his new club.

Only time will tell who is the ultimate winner in this transfer, but all of the initial signs seem to point towards City gaining a rising star and Delph making a big leap up in the food chain.

Who do you think wins in this transfer? Should Delph have stayed with Aston Villa?


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