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Chelsea suffered its first defeat of the English Premier League season Sunday against Manchester United. Sure, the game was controversial and has Chelsea fans in an uproar and Chelsea players claiming the referee, Mark Clattenburg, used “inappropriate language.”

I understand that the sending off was a little harsh and that Chicharito was offside. However, the offside decision would have been a hard decision for the linesman considering the chaotic sequence leading up to the goal. All of this is not the point though. The game is over. No one is going to look at the game again and say, “Hey, you know what, Torres shouldn’t have been sent off and Chicharito was offside. Therefore, let’s go back and give Chelsea a point.” That’s never going to happen, so now it is time for Chelsea and their fans to move on to the next game.

When a team is winning, everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. The true test of a team is how it responds to adversity. Chelsea will now have to play its next game against Swansea City on Saturday without John Terry, Fernando Torres, and Branislav Ivanovic. Therefore, Roberto Di Matteo needs to get his team focused on their next match and get the Manchester United game out of their minds as quickly as possible.

Swansea City is no pushover either. Swansea is currently in 11th place in the Premier League and the game is at Liberty Stadium, where Swansea is 2-2-1. Manchester City was only able to beat Swansea 1-0 this past weekend, so a win for Chelsea without three main players could be difficult.

Chelsea should focus on the fact that they are still in first place. Even with that loss, they still hold a one-point advantage over Manchester United and Manchester City. Instead of dwelling on the past, they should look forward to their next encounter and concentrate on getting three points and maintaining their slim lead atop the Premier League. (Also, try to not concede two early goals and put your team in such a deep whole to climb out of.)

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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