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Stoke knocks out Chelsea

What is going on in England?! The Premier League season has already given us a lot to think about in terms of how bigger teams can suddenly become not so big in their domestic league. Not one, not two, but THREE Premier League giants were knocked out of the Capitol One Cup this week. Two of which (Arsenal and Manchester United) lost to Championship side opposition. There are always upsets in the cup competitions in any country, but seeing three high profile teams lose in the same round in a two-day span is really something.

Chelsea has been the obvious team this season grabbing almost every headline in a negative way since the season kicked off. Let’s face it, 3 wins out of your first 10 will never cut it after you have just won the EPL title. But on Tuesday evening, things only became worse for Chelsea. Losing in penalties to Stoke City, Eden Hazard (who is “better than Ronaldo”, according to Mourinho) sailing yet another crucial penalty over the bar. Chelsea’s hope at another EPL title this season is looking dimmer and dimmer by the day. Could it be time for a new manager to come in and try to rally the troops? Or are the players themselves the ones who need to figure all of this out? I believe it is a good mixture of both. I would be shocked if Mourinho was sacked anytime soon, but I could see several new faces joining the club in January with a few leaving. That’s all speculation, but one thing is for sure, Chelsea is out of the Cup.

Arsenal had the most embarrassing loss of the major teams out by losing 3-0 to Sheffield Wednesday. Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you; Arsenal really did lose by three goals. Arsene Wenger immediately started blaming the youth that played in the match, which I think, is a mistake in the long run. The funny thing is, only 2 youngsters started so the whole excuse that youth was at fault isn’t a valid one, sorry Arsene. This loss comes as even more of a shock as Arsenal has been on a tear in the Premier League this season. Losing 3-0 with all of your top players, aside from Özil and Sanchez, is just unacceptable. Let’s see if this helps the Gunners continue to dominate their matches on the weekends.

United's Rooney after Cup loss

Manchester United fell out in penalties as Ashley Young missed United’s 4th penalty after the Red Devils only made 1 out of 4 at home against Middleborough. To add insult to injury, Manchester City loanee Bruno Zuculini was part of the side that won in United’s famous ground Old Trafford on Wednesday. United are a side that is expected to compete in every single competition in England with manager Louis Van Gaal promising trophies. This was looking like the trophy United were going to win first before Boro held them to a 0-0 120 minutes. United are still going to be dangerous with an ever-maturing Anthony Martial and a midfield full of stars.

Manchester City was able to rattle off 5 goals against Crystal Palace and Liverpool narrowly won 1-0. Liverpool and City should be the favorites from this point on, but be on the look out for more Capital One Cup chaos.


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