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Manchester United decided to add another quality striker during the transfer window. Robin Van Persie played spectacularly well last season for Arsenal, scoring 30 goals and adding another nine assists. However, the addition of Van Persie has left Manchester United fans wondering if both Rooney and Van Persie can coexist at the club.

Wayne Rooney also played well last season. He ended the season with 27 goals and four assists. This season has not started off so well for the English striker. He only started one game this season and was relegated to the bench for United’s second game in favor of Van Persie. In the second game, he came off the bench and received a gash in his thigh that will leave him out of the squad for several weeks.

So far this season, Rooney and Van Persie played only 44 minutes together, which resulted in zero goals. To make matters worse for Rooney, the game after he suffered his injury, Van Persie scored three goals to lead United to victory.

With Rooney out injured, both Danny Welbeck and Javier Hernandez hope to get more playing time alongside Van Persie.

Manchester United have scored only six goals as a team this season, with four of those coming from Van Persie. If he continues his scoring streak, and either Welbeck or Hernandez create a good chemistry with Van Persie, what will happen when Rooney gets healthy? Will Sir Alex risk ruining a good partnership up top to make Rooney happy?

Another question for Manchester United fans is whether or not Van Persie can stay healthy for an entire season again. Van Persie started in 37 games last season. That is more than the two seasons before that combined. During the 2010/11 season, Van Persie only started 18 games and during the 2009/10 season, he only started 14 games. Was last season an anomaly for Van Persie or are his injury prone days behind him?

Manchester United’s start to the season is questionable. Every game has been close and they do not look like a powerhouse team. If Rooney and Van Persie are able to successfully play next to each other up top, it could be one of the most explosive striking duos in the English Premier League. It could also help Manchester United on their quest for another Premier League title. The main question is: Can these players play alongside each other or is one doomed for failure?

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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