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Let’s get things straight first: I think the FIFA Club World Cup is a phenomenal idea. The world is getting smaller and smaller everyday with advent of new technologies and FIFA is right on board with this notion. Idea: Hold a contest between the best teams from all six continental confederations to crown a champion of the world. Problem: Formatting of the tournament makes the contest largely a competition between the UEFA Champions League Winner and a team from Brazil or Argentina.

Hold up, you say. Aren’t these the two best teams from their respective confederations and did they not prove their worth over other continental confederation champions? To answer this, let me paint a picture for you: imagine a restructured UEFA Champions League, one of the most exciting competitions in all of soccer. The new format pits only champions of domestic leagues in a knockout round, seeding the teams based off of prestige of the league (in essence, the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, and Bundesliga champions all get byes and will never be pitted against one another until at least the semi-finals). No more group play. Do you want to live in that world? Didn’t think so.

Transport this same concept to a world tournament. Welcome to the Club World Cup. UEFA and CONMEBOL champions automatically get a bye to the semi-finals of a supposedly prestigious competition. Play two games and a squad has a new trophy to add to the case. I want to kick soccer balls directly into that case and steal that trophy, maybe sell it? I’d hope to get no more than $5 with how worthless the intrigue is of the competition. As an American, maybe I’m a bit bitter not to have a chance to prove MLS’s worth comparatively to other leagues around the world. Really, I’m crying out for another relaunch of a competition that could rival the UEFA Champions league, given the right nurturing and care.

Here’s the proposal so we don’t have any more quotes from Inter president Massimo Moratti hailing the importance of the competition:

1). 4 teams from each of the six continental confederations for a total of 24 teams. 6 groups of 4 teams, no more than 2 teams from the same confederation in each group. 3 group games for each team

2). Top 2 from each group advance. Top 4 point earners get a bye into the next round. Home and home knockout at each step in the knockout round with a one time seeding process to pit teams against one another.

3). Winner of Club World Cup automatically qualifies for next years tournament. Span tournament between 1-2 months smack dab in the middle of winner.

Really, this system would just steal the best elements from other established competitions instead of implementing its own ridiculous system. Imagine Inter Milan playing the Colorado Rapids in a game that actually mattered? I’m already grinning from ear to ear. Sure, there are the complications of fitting this type of competition into a footballer’s busy schedule. Logistics can be taken care of over time. Have faith.

The tribe has spoken. Let the debate begin over a currently utterly worthless tournament.


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