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Seattle Reign keeper Hope Solo

Hope Solo and her Seattle Reign teammates are not the happiest folks at the moment.  A second NWSL Final loss at the hands of Kansas City, another season without a trophy to cap their season, and their Final loss came within the confines of their biggest rival.

However, Hope solo’s biggest issue has to come from her horrible timing with smack talk…someone really needs to help her out.

The first instance of Hope taking her foot and sticking it firmly in her mouth came when she tweeted out a photo of herself and her fellow Reign keepers after a practice on Portland’s field.  While the picture isn’t very damning, the tag is: “Feeling right at home and making ourselves comfortable on OUR championship field before tomorrow’s title match!”  Anybody that hasn’t been under a rock for the last few seasons knows of the intense rivalry between Portland and Seattle in soccer.  Hope and Portland haven’t had the best relationship, but she definitely fired up the troops with this tweet.

Why didn’t it work?  Because they didn’t win…fairly simple.

The second instance of Hope needing to work on her smack talk also slipped out of social media.  This time, in the form of a video.  While the video starts harmlessly enough, Hope eventually starts in on a ramble directly located at riling up Portland fans.  The only issue here is that Mrs. Solo is woefully informed.  Hope talks about how Portland fans should come out and witness what it is like to win a trophy at the NWSL Final so that they could experience what is would be like.  Only two problems here: One – Portland won the inaugural NWSL Final. Two – Hope hasn’t experienced what it is like to raise a league trophy either…no matter what field it would be on.

Why didn’t it work?  The key to smack talk is research and accuracy.  A “trophy-less” joke only works if the team you are insulting is actually “trophy-less.”  Plus…once again, Hope lost.  The ultimate failure of anyone attempting to talk smack.

Hope Solo definitely has a few bigger issues in her life at this moment, but we really hope that her smack talk gets some improvement over the next year.  There’s no telling whether she’ll get many more chances at the league title, so we really hope that she is in top, smack-talking form for her next chance.  Plus, you know…it always helps to win the big game.


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