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After choosing the ten players lucky enough to wear his gear, then talking about how hard players have to work in training to reach the heights of world football, then the players showing what they do to get themselves hyped up for big matches; we now turn to see how Messi and his chosen “ten” handle the pressure that comes with being on some of the biggest stages in the world.

Fresh off of snagging his mind-boggling 5th Ballon d’Or, Messi talks to the players that he is backing about handling life at the highest level of the game. Considering how easily Messi contributes in early rounds of the Copa del Ray and then gives the same level of performance in the Champions League, there is no doubt that the Argentine magician rarely feels any pressure. If there’s ever been a forward with ice in his veins, then Barcelona’s #10 certainly fits the bill.

While the other players wielding the Messi 15.1 haven’t quite hit the highs of little Lionel, a surprising number of the young players have already played in major occasions. Aleksey Miranchuk scored the winning goal in last year’s Russian Cup final and the Galaxy’s Zardes also featured in the 2014 MLS Championship Final! All of the players that adidas has in this campaign are also dealing with the pressures of becoming impressive players while still being incredibly young. It would be foolish to think that any of them have to deal with any fraction of pressure similar to what Messi is constantly under, but there is no doubt that they experience a level of scrutiny most of us can only dream of.

We are really enjoying these episodes and we can’t wait to see if all ten of these players remain in the series or if adidas shifts players that aren’t quite up to snuff for adidas contracted players that start to show out. We also can’t wait to see how this series moves on with the inevitable update to the Messi boot silo. Cracking stuff!


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