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Are you in need of a quality pull-over that you can wear while training in the cold? We have the perfect answer to your needs with the Tiro 11 Fleece jacket. The all black look is sleek and looks great. However, the truly great thing about this fleece is the comfort and warmth that it provides that will leave you happy all winter-long.

As I said above, this fleece is all black with three white stripes that go down each sleeve. It also features white under the arms and in the front where the pockets are normally placed. However, the one noticeable omission to this otherwise perfect fleece is the lack of pockets. Everyone loves pockets and that does take away a little bit. Now let’s get back to what the jacket does have. It is a quarter zip and when zipped all the way up it is almost like a turtleneck which is nice for when it gets really cold. The sleeve cuffs are elastic to help keep wind out in order to keep you warm. Lastly, the waistline has a draw string that helps tighten the bottom up to help keep wind and rain out. All of these things help to keep you warm and comfortable during the season.

This jacket is made out of 100% polyester and is one of the softest and most comfortable fleece I have ever worn. It features a climawarm technology and trust me; it does its job and then some. Climawarm helps to keep warm air in while still circulating air movement enough so that you do not get too hot. It works perfectly to keep you at the right temperature while you are training in the cold. It is also extremely light so you will not feel weighed down like you do when you keep layering clothes to keep warm. With this fleece, you will never be able to say you are too cold while training outdoors.

This fleece is one of the best on the market. It will keep you extremely warm while not overheating you but more importantly it will not weigh you down while you are training. Another nice thing about these is that if you are ordering as a team, SoccerPro offers discounts depending on how many you purchase for your particular team. At $59.99, it is well worth the money to stay warm and comfortable during those awful outdoor training sessions in the winter.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer, soccerprose.com


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