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Nike Youth CTR360 Libretto

Nike Youth CTR360 Libretto III FG Review – Sonic Yellow with Black and White

Does your young soccer star love the incredible control that Andres Iniesta shows while he is wearing a Barcelona jersey? If so, we have the perfect option for your young player. The Nike Jr. CTR360 Libretto is one of the most comfortable cleats for youth players and it provides a great touch on the ball.

Not only will these cleats help your youngster’s control, they will also help you easily spot him or her on the field. These cleats are sonic yellow with black accents throughout to add some style. These two colors go wonderfully together and will definitely make your player stand out on the field.

These cleats feature KLTD synthetic leather. This helps give the feel of natural leather but allows these cleats to be lightweight. The instep features textured control lines to give great control on the ball as well as better control receiving and distributing the ball around the field.

As I mentioned above, these cleats are very comfortable in addition to being stylish. These feature an EVA sockliner that is designed specifically for youth cleats to provide good support. They also feature a heel cup to give great heel support and they offer good arch support.

The studs on this cleat are bladed and designed to give great control and traction in all directions. This will help your child with control and prevent him or her from slipping and falling on the field.

Players who want maximum comfort and control wear these cleats. That is why many of the best players in the world choose the CTR360 as their cleat of choice. These are comfortable, durable, and look great. The CTR360 Libretto is currently available at, so head over and check them out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike Youth Tiempo Natural IV

Nike Youth Tiempo Natural IV FG Leather Review – White with Black and White

The fall soccer season is just around the corner and now is the best time to pick up a great pair of cleats for your young soccer player. For young players, the most important features are comfort and durability. A great cleat that has both of these features and wont break the bank is the Nike youth Tiempo Natural.

This cleat is a split between white and black. The front half of the cleat is white and transitions to black at the back half of the cleat. This was the design that was worn by players at Euro 2012. This design looks nice and features traditional colors instead of the bright neon’s that many cleats feature today.

The upper of this cleat is made of natural leather to provide great comfort and a great touch on the ball. It also will help these cleats last longer since leather tends to be more durable than synthetic materials. Not only are these durable, but they are also comfortable. These feature Nike’s Jr. Support insoles that provides extra comfort and gives better heel and arch support. To help your child have great traction on the field, these cleats have both bladed and rounded studs that also help with pressure dispersion.

The combination of great style, comfort, and durability make this cleat an amazing choice for youth players. They will help provide a great touch on the ball to improve your child’s game. These cleats are currently available at, so head over and gear your child up for the upcoming season.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike Youth Mercurial Glide - White with Solar Red and Black

Nike Youth Mercurial Glide III FG Review – White with Solar Red and Black

Parents, have your kids been glued to the television watching their favorite players play in Euro 2012? Have they been looking at all those bright cleats on the field, especially the white and pink ones Cristiano Ronaldo has been wearing, and asking you if they can get a pair? Well if they have, we have the perfect option for you. The Nike youth Mercurial Glide has the same great look as what the players are wearing on the field, but they wont break the bank.


These cleats look extremely nice. The front is a sleek white and the back of the cleat features solar red. This color scheme helps distinguish the Mercurial line from other Nike lines at Euro 2012 and it looks very nice. The upper is made of soft synthetic leather that gives a great touch on the ball and is comfortable on your child’s feet. Nike recently redesigned the Mercurial line and the new version looks great and is extremely comfortable. Another great feature of these cleats is the full-length TPU outsole. This helps give great acceleration and provides great grip in all directions.


Not only is the style amazing on these cleats, but they are also very comfortable as I mentioned above. The upper contours to your child’s foot and is designed to mirror the natural shape of the foot. They also feature a contoured sockliner that gives great cushioning. The old Mercurial design always had a problem with causing blisters while they were being broken in. However, the new design does not have this problem and they feel comfortable right out of the box.


It’s hard to find a great cleat that wont break the bank, but these are a great option. They look great, feel great, and are durable to give a wonderful overall cleat. They are also built for speed and touch so your child will be able to fly past other players. The bright color on the back of the cleat will help you pick your child out on the field, which is always nice. These cleats are currently on sale at, so head there today and check out these awesome cleats.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike Youth Mercurial Victory - Bright Mango

Nike Youth Mercurial Victory Review – Bright Mango with Metallic Dark Grey

Does your child love soccer and cant play enough of it? Then you will need to get them the proper cleats to help them be comfortable on the field while also looking great. A great cleat that accomplishes the perfect combination between comfort and style is the Nike Youth Mercurial Victory . Not only is this shoe comfortable and stylish, it also will not break the bank.


This cleat will definitely help pick your child out on the field. It is predominantly mango throughout with a black swoosh. It also has blue and yellow on the heel to add some more color and style. The upper is made of soft synthetic leather that provides a great touch on the ball. It also is very light, so your child can have an extra step on their defender. These cleats are built for speed and touch, so they can pile up the goals like Cristiano Ronaldo.


As I said above, these cleats are very comfortable. They feature a contoured sockliner to give low-profile cushioning. This allows your soccer player to be comfortable throughout games and practices. The outsole is made with full-length lightweight TPU to help provide explosive acceleration and great grip, while your child is changing directions on the field.


Parents, these cleats are ideal for any child who plays a lot of soccer. The comfort, touch and look are top notch. Not only that, but you will be able to clearly find your player with these bright cleats. At $44.99, these will not break the bank, but are still a quality cleat that will hold up throughout the season. So go check a pair out on today!

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Borislow with Magic Jack

Breaking News: WPS Folds After Borislow Lawsuit…Suspends Operations for 2012 Season understands that the Women’s Professional Soccer League is to suspend operations for the 2012 season. A legal battle with owner Dan Borislow is being blamed and in an email to players the league said it “has diverted resources from investment in the league” & forced WPS to suspend season due to a lack of funds.

Dan Borislow, who is the owner of WPS team magicJack, had filed a lawsuit in a Florida court seeking to prevent, in the suit’s words, “the League’s threatened immediate termination of the Team as a League member” after their abysmal showing last year. The suit was made public a by the league and claimed Borislow was “asking a Florida court to bar the League from exercising its right to terminate his franchise at the end of the season for breach of his contractual obligations.” Obviously, its completely untenable for any league to operate without the ability to control what teams can play in it, and compel owners to follow those rules.

The battle between the league and Borislow has been well publicized with the owner feuding with the league over everything from game day scheduling to pitch side billboard, which Borislow complained were a rip off. After being fined draft picks, naming rights, and everything else under the disciplinary sun the WPS finally had enough and voted to terminate his franchise, and his ownership. At the time the suit was filed, Mark Washo, managing partner of sports agency Playbook Management International, said he hoped the dispute could be resolved and quickly.

“There [is] enough general interest in Women’s Soccer for WPS to capitalize on, to slowly build and grow a sustainable professional league,” Washo wrote in an email. “However, the ‘battle’ must be fought externally to win over fans, media, ticket buyers and sponsors. Therefore, the more time and energy WPS spends with internal issues, only detracts from the external efforts needed to continue to capitalize on the momentum of Women’s World Cup. I hope all sides can come together to work through the challenges, so the owners can be united in building the league these gifted athletes deserve to play in.”

Unfortunately, it seems the potential legal cost of fighting Borislow’s suit has sunk the whole league. We always knew the WPS had a small budget, and has been struggling, but the true story here may not be the lawsuit itself bringing down the league, but its own lack of success. A successful league, even one in its infancy, should easily be able to fend off a lawsuit from a disgruntled owner, and its unbelievable that the WPS cannot come up with the money to fight back. It may be that overspending on marketing, under-performing sponsorship contracts, and a lack of TV ad dollars have finally taken their toll, and while Borislow undoubtedly bears some of the blame here, it seems he’s only hammered the final nail into the coffin.

There may be someway back from the brink for the league, and it remains to be seen how all this plays out, but it seems one way or another Dan Borislow will no longer be welcome as part of it.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

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Youth Nike Premier 3 FG-R Black with Pink Review

So the holidays are over and spring is fast approaching which can mean only on thing; youth soccer season starts up again, and kids need new shoes. But whether your child has been playing for a few seasons, or is just starting out there’s no need to shell out over $25 for a decent pair of cleats. The Youth Nike Premier 3 FG-R is a great pair of cleats at a great price. This particular version is black and pink, and is popular with girls all over the world as they take the field. Its a clean, classy look that won’t go down badly with parents or kids.

These youth soccer cleats are made from a soft, pvc-free synthetic leather, and are very durable. For me, this is one of the biggest positives of these shoes as there is nothing worse for a parent than having to buy two pairs of youth cleats in one season. They are also easy to clean and have a good fit to them giving a great ball feel for any player. A high-density die-cut recycled EVA sockliner keeps feet comfortable on the inside, and helps the shoes stay smelling fresh for longer.

Another cool feature on these shoes are the inject rubber bottom that combines conical rubber forefoot studs and bladed studs on the heel for a great compromise in traction and stud pressure reduction. The rubber cleats on the bottom mean this shoe can be used on turf field as well with out too much discomfort for the player or damage to the turf. Overall, its a rough and tumble shoe for rough and tumble kids that will hold up well, play on different surfaces, and won’t break the bank. You can pick u pa pair today from our favorite sponsor,

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Nike Thermal Field Player Gloves - Black

Nike Thermal Field Players Gloves Review

Now that winter is upon us, it is the perfect time to snatch up some of the great cold gear we have at SoccerPro. One of these great things is the Nike Thermal Field Players glove. These field player gloves have a relatively calm design consisting of mainly black with some gray accents throughout. The Nike logo is stitched on the front of the glove as well. However, the great thing about these is the warmth. They are insulated with thermal fleece in order to keep your hands extremely warm. The thermal fleece is also water-resistant which is perfect for the winter months and will help out greatly with warmth.

Another great thing about these gloves is a finger grips. Whenever you have to wear gloves, it always becomes hard to grip the ball for throw-ins. With these gloves, that problem will cease to exist. All of the fingertips have grips and the index finger and thumb have grips that go all the way down the fingers. This will help to give you enough grip to do proper throw-ins for now on. These are currently going for $26.99 which at first seems a little pricy. However, these will help you perform basic soccer plays with the new grips as well as stay warm with the fleece. These gloves are a great buy and you will be extremely happy once they are in your possession.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Billy Sharp Scores Goal to Honor Death of His TwoDayOld Son

“Thats for you Son” – Billy Sharp Scores Wonder Goal Three Days After Tragic Death of His Infant Son

All to often we tend to get wrapped up in the small side of soccer, arguing calls, touchline bans, and tactics, but when Billy Sharp took the field for Doncaster Rovers as they played Middlesbrough just three days after the death of his two-day-old son, all of that slipped away. Opting to bravely play through the pain Sharp took to the pitch to a standing ovation from both home and away supporters for a full minute.

Fourteen minutes into the game Sharp found the back of the net with a lovely volley and burst into to tears as he lifted up his jersey to reveal a t-shirt saying “Thats for you son.”

Rovers manager Dean Saunders said Sharp had wanted to score for his boy saying, “He rung me and asked if he could play – he wanted to play. He wanted to score a goal for his son and his family and he was ready to go. When he said that to me I couldn’t really refuse.”

The action of revealing a message on a T-shirt is usually followed by a yellow card, but referee Darren Deadman chose not to apply the letter of the law on this occasion in light of the circumstances and deserves praise. The Rovers’ subsequent defeat was almost forgotten as fans and players took to Twitter and Facebook to pay tribute to the Sheffield-born player and his wife.

Middlesbrough manager Tony Mowbray added praise after the match saying: “Taking the professionalism out of it, I’m delighted for the boy that he’s scored such a fantastic goal on such an occasion for him. It’s amazing to think for anyone who’s had children the emotional drain that must have been with him – I couldn’t put it into words. For him to score a wonder-goal, your headlines should be there really – a goal from heaven.”

Its truly a tragic occasion for both Sharp and his wife Jade, and if you’d like to leave a message of support here is his Twitter @BillySharp10. Messages have already porued in, but I’m sure they’d could always do with a few more.

Nike5 Youth Elastico - Black

Nike5 Youth Elastico Review – Black with White and Tour Yellow

One final addition to the brand new styles that have just been released for the Nike5 series is the Junior Nike5 Elastico. The new youth Elastico’s have come in the store in two colors. One consists of white, gray, and peach while the other is white, black, and yellow. The one that I have in front of me is the white, black, and yellow version and it looks great.

As I stated above, the brand new color scheme consists of white, black, and yellow. The shoe is made out of synthetic leather with cloth around the sock liner and heel. The front of the shoe as well as the inner side of the toe box has overlays that help provide extra durability. Another feature that gives added durability is that the toe and inner front side of the shoe have a tougher material to help protect against the toes tearing apart from the tough indoor surface. The sock liner is made out of a soft cloth that helps provide great comfort and breathability. The outsole consists of low profile, non-marking rubber that is designed for ultimate traction and control on the ball.

These Elastico’s feel incredible on your foot. The leather is extremely soft for ultimate comfort and durability. The cloth that surrounds the heel and sock liner is very soft and feels much better than the shoes that are made out of leather. It takes no time to break these in and you will not have the problems with blisters that you can have from sock liners that are made of leather. The support on the forefoot and heel are also very good. They provide good comfort and a lot of stability that sometimes is lacking in indoor shoes. Another nice thing about these Elastico’s is that they are extremely lightweight which is very nice for indoor shoes. However, they do run a little narrow which is something you should take into account when purchasing these shoes.

These new Junior Nike5 Elastico’s are a great shoe at a great price. They cost $34.99 which is not too steep of a price for the quality shoe you are getting. The combination of comfort, durability, and lightness make this a great option for any young player that is about to start their indoor season.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,