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Brian Wilson Scores Hapless Own Goal vs Oldham….(Video)

Colchester hero Brian Wilson’s star may be a bit tarnished today after he helped the ball into his own net courtesy of a beautiful pirouette. To be fair, the poor fellah never really had a chance as once he got turned around and lost the ball it could have gone either way. Sadly for him, it ended in a an own goal added to his tally…bringing his tally to -1. I suppose there’s always the Bolshoi if this whole footballer thing doesn’t work out for you big man.

Silves FC Stadium Demolished by Tornado…(Video)

Silves FC, a small semi-pro side in Portugal, will be in need a new ground and a cash infusion after a tornado annihilated their stadium in under a minute. You can see the destruction in real time in the video below, shot by some enterprising, in my opinion extremely stupid, man who seems to be enjoying a sandwiches as he watches the wrath of God being unleashed on the place. Its shocking footage, and not for the faint of heart, but rest assured its not gory and its honestly impressive to see the roof peeled off the grandstand like a can of sardines.

As always, recommends you stay inside during a tornado, and not film it sitting next to the bloody window as you may get speared by flying bits of your clubs stadium. But if for some reason you find yourself with similar footage, feel free to send it along.

Champions League

Champions League group stage is coming to an end

With only two games remaining in the group stage of the Champion’s League, some teams have a clear path to the knockout stages, while other groups are still very close.

Group B has three teams separated by only a few points. Schalke 04 leads the group with eight points, Arsenal is second with seven points, and Olympiakos has six points. This should make for an exciting finish for this group. If Arsenal fails to reach the knockout stages, Arsene Wenger will be feeling pressure, especially with their poor performance in the Premier League at this point.

Group D is another interesting group. Borussia Dortmund leads this group with eight points. Real Madrid sits only one point behind Dortmund. Ajax is in third with four points and Manchester City are currently last in the group with only two points from four games. Manchester City still claim they have a chance of advancing, however it does not look promising. City face Dortmund and Real Madrid in their final two games of the group stage. Real Madrid is looking to be crowned champions of Europe this season, which is one of the reasons Real Madrid brought Jose Mourinho in, so they will have to focus and make sure not to slip up in their final two group stage games if they want to advance.

The final group to watch as the group stage is coming to an end is Group E. This group features the Champions League holders and the top three teams are all extremely close. Chelsea and Shakhtar Donetsk are both tied at seven points, while Juventus sit one point behind with six points. Juventus must play both Chelsea and Shakhtar in their final two games, which will be interesting and exciting to watch. (Nerve-wrecking as well if you are a supporter of these teams.)

The Champions League always provides great entertainment, which is what you would expect when the top teams from around the world compete against each other. At this point, there is only one team that has run away with their group and that is Manchester United. (However, United’s group was not a terribly hard group to be a part of, unlike Group D.) These final games will be very exciting as some teams, like Manchester City, play for their Champions League lives, and others battle to see who will win their group. It is sure to be a great ending to a close group stage before we get to the knockout stages!

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,


Revealed: The Nike CR7 Mercurial Vapor VIII ACC Soccer Cleats

Nike have released the latest version of their Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Mercurial Vapors and they are the best looking pair yet. The black synthetic leather upper on these cleats has pink and blue band running around the base of it as it meet the sole plate which the pick color continues on to. They also feature the new CR7 logo on the heel in gold along with the decals and trim you’d expect to find on any Nike limited edition product. This upper is made form the same Teijin synthetics Nike been using on all the Vapor VIII’s and they seem to have really cracked the synthetic shoe formula with it. Its as soft and malleable as a kangaroo leather pair of soccer boots and will mold to your foot right out of the box making the painful break of time previous versions of the Mercurial Vapor a thing of the past.

The boots also feature the latest in Nike technology, an All Conditions Control(ACC) treated upper. ACC will allow these boots to perform the same in the wet as they do in try conditions, particularly when playing will one of the newer synthetic soccer balls. The boots are, at the root, treated with a hydrophobic compound that means water can’t stick to the surface of them. So, even if you were to dunk the upper in water, it will all run right off it like the surface of the rain jacket. This isn’t to say the inside or the sockliner won’t get wet, but at least you won’t lose any performance.

The cleat pattern on the bottom of these soccer cleats are geared toward giving a player the ability to burst forward and score goals. You’ve got four cleats on the forefoot to give you all the bite you can get when you are taking off on the run and want to keep moving forward. The two rear cleats are there for stability, and get the job done, but do keep in mind these shoes are built for the rough and tumble of defending, and are probably best used by a striker or winger.

Overall, these are sharp looking pair of cleat worthy of one of the world greatest soccer players and are extremely limited, so be sure you pick yours up sooner rather than later by clicking this link for our favorite sponsor,

How to Spot a Fake Soccer Jersey

So you saw a cheap soccer jersey for your favorite team online, at a price that seemed to good to be true, and when it arrived you were disappointed to find that its an itchy knock-off from China. This video below from our friends over at outlines how to spot a fake kit, and some good rules of thumb for shopping for soccer gear online, and I’ve at few more helpful tips below.

Tip 1: Shop with a Legitimate Site

When you’re shopping for a soccer jersey online, the best rule of thumb is to shop from a licensed retailer, and not from a site like ebay or ioffer. Licensed sites are generally based in the USA or western Europe, and one of the best ways to be sure they are legit is to give their customer service number a ring and see if you get a real person on the other end who will guarantee the merchandise they are selling is the real thing.

Tip 2: If it Seems Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Most licensed soccer jerseys retail for between $75-$85 and while you’ll be able to find one of this years kits for around 10% off, you’ll have to shell out to get something legit. Now you may be able to get a previous years kit for around $50-$65, but if you see a soccer jersey for less than $50, its probably a knock off and not something you’d want to buy. Its very easy for a less reputable site to copy and paste the image of the real thing from a legitimate site, and then send along something fake once you’ve placed an order with them. So, if it seems to good to be true, its probably is.

Tip 3: Make Sure the Jersey Looks Right

A fake kit will usually have some differences that are easy to spot. Make sure you check the color of the collar, the crest, and the overall look of the shirt to be sure its the same as that of the real thing.

Other than that, use common sense, and happy hunting for good deal this holiday season.

Boy Makes Fun of Girl…Girl Applies Football to His Face…(Video)

We all remember that kid in gym class who was always poking fun at everyone, especially the girls, as he was clearly God’s gift to football. You can see one such example of a cheeky little prat in the video below, who stands, head turned to face the girl who is about to shoot the ball toward the waiting victims against the wall. Now we have no idea what prompted this football firing squad, perhaps someone was impersonating John Terry during class. But at any rate this girl didn’t need a pair of soccer boots to show the cocky little fellah what for as she drills a shot at him and applies the ball firmly to his face. The poor little one walks off in tears, but apparently was able to see the funny side of things later.

Girl Power…

Puma evoSPEED Star - Black with Neon

Puma evoSPEED Star Indoor Soccer Shoes – Black with Fluo Green

Indoor season is almost upon us and it is time to start looking at some great indoor shoes. Normally, we tend to focus on Nike and Adidas shoes, but today we are going to take a look at a great pair of indoor shoes that Puma is producing: The Puma evoSPEED Star indoor shoes. These shoes are guaranteed to make you stand out on the field or futsal court.

Even though the main color of these shoes is black, they are still bright. The secondary color is neon green and adds style and color to these otherwise plain shoes. These two colors go nicely together and create a visually appealing indoor shoe. Some indoor soccer shoes are not very stylish and cannot be worn anywhere besides the soccer field. That is not the case with the evoSPEED Star. These can be worn casually off the field as well as worn on the field to play.

The upper is made of a monolayer Micro Tec Suede to provide a lightweight upper, but it is also abrasion resistant. The Star has an EVA midsole that is cushioned with IdCell cushioning. The ArchTec midfoot supports help add stability. All of these things combine to make you as comfortable as possible.

The bottom of this shoe features a non-marking EverTrack Rubber sole to provide good grip on both futsal courts and indoor soccer fields. At first glance, you may think these are just casual shoes and not good for soccer, but they feature great cushioning and a low-profile design that makes these perfect for indoor soccer and futsal. They are currently available at, so check them out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

15 Year Old Aleksandr Litvinenko Scores Rainbow Flick Volley….(Video)

He may only be 15 years old, but this young fellah knows how to score them. as he uses a beautiful rainbow flick to put the ball on his toe and drive it into the top corner of the net…

Pure class…

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,


Nike Mercurial Victory III Indoor Soccer Shoes Review – Retro with Total Orange

Nike is releasing a new color scheme for the Nike Mercurial Victory indoor shoe. The shoe features some interesting colors. According to Nike, this shoe is retro with total orange. In normal terms, this shoe is considered turquoise with orange accents throughout. These two colors go nicely together and are sure to make you stand out on the field.

The upper is made of soft synthetic leather to provide great touch on the ball. This shoe also contours nicely to the shape of your foot to provide great comfort. The contoured sockliner sits on top of a Phylon heel wedge to provide low profile cushioning.

In addition to the great style and comfort of the upper, the outsole provides great traction on indoor fields or futsal courts. The bottom of the shoe has non-marking molded tinted gum rubber. It also has an innovative Vapor traction pattern that is designed for speed on indoor surfaces. The lacing system on this shoe is traditional to give a secure fit.

The combination of style, comfort, and great traction make these great for indoor soccer. The traction will help bring speed to the indoor game while the turquoise and orange help you stand out with style in addition to your stylish play.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,