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The Play On Challenge: Enter to Win $250 Gift Certificate to

One of the things we hate seeing most out of the professional players of the beautiful game is diving. Everyone’s seen it, from Ronaldo, all the way down to a high school team, but our friends over at have had enough, and are starting a movement to put a stop to it. The Play On Challenge™ pushes each player to make the most of their time on the field. Players will see professionals go for the ‘flop’ when they are bumped just to get a foul called, and this is setting a bad example. wants to prove to you that the clear advantage for every player is to keep playing and keep possession while others are flopping about on the ground, in desperate need of magic spray. If you take the Play On Pledge here, you can also be entered to win a $250 gift certificate to

Here’s a video that lays it all out for you.

And another showing the drill they’ve created to teach it to players.

Honestly, this looks like a really good idea, and we’re behind it 100%, and don’t forget to enter the contest.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Honorary Degree for Kenny Dalglish

Introducing Dr. Kenny Daglish….

Kenny Daglish is more than one of the best player ever to grace the Liverpool jersey, he’s also a great human being, and his recent honorary doctorate from the University of Ulster only gives it further recognition. His tireless effort on behalf of the Hillsborough families are just as legendary as this mans performance on the pitch and I can;t think of anyone who deserves this kind of honor more. Hat’s off to you sir, and best of luck in the coming Premiership season.

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Carlos Tevez

Mourinho to Man City, Tevez to Real Madrid

In whats expected be the first ever player-for-manager swap, disgruntled and home sick Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is expected to be swapped for “the special one” Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho.

Tevez, who has been unhappy at City, has been making everyone sick of his incessant whining for some time and has said today he definitely wants to leave the club. Tevez’s family, his primary reason for wanting to leave, never settled in England, and eventually returned home to South America. The main barriers to them staying in England were reported to be the climate and language, both of which would be out of the equation in Spain. He would fit well into the Real side, and could take Kaka’s place in the lineup when he leaves for Arsenal over the summer.

Mourinho has had many well publicized spats with the directors at Real, but that really isn’t enough to open a rift large enough to get him fired. what will get you fired at Madrid, more than anything else, is having a spat with a player who is integral to the club. Mourinho has made this mistake in his recent dealing with Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo isn’t just a big player, and prestige talisman for the club, he sells the most jersey and brings in the most money of any player in the world. For that reason alone Madrid will never sell him to City as the rumors have suggested. The Daily Mail maybe be reporting that they will sell him for 150m, but they also thought the war in Iraq, British imperialism, and Marmite were good ideas so we won’t be trusting the judgement of their editors thank you.

For all those reasons, it seems likely Mourinho will leave sunny Spain, for his much desired return to the Premiership, and with the two being roughly equal in value, and prestige, its seems a natural choice for them to be swapped in and out of Manchester City jersey.

I for one, will welcome the new Portuguese overlord of the blue side of Manchester, and look forward to watching him spar with Sir Alex on a regular basis.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Conway High School Trick Free Kick

Some people are saying this play is brilliant, other says its sneaky and against the rules of fair play, for my part I think its hilarious….

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Flooded Pitch Doesn’t Stop Brazilian League Game

It seems it rains a lot in Brasil, and the drainage for league pitches isn’t the best, but these hardy South American gents didn’t let a little water ruin their game.

My only question is, why are they playing on the flooded side, the other looks much more passable no?

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Breaking News: Celtic Manager Neil Lennon Attacked by Fan on Sideline

Celtic manager has been attacked by a moronic Hearts fan on the touchline today in a shameful incident sure to further mar Scottish soccer. This comes on the back of several letter bombs being sent to the Hoops manager, and is sure to spark a security review. thankfully, he seems to come away unscathed.

A riot then broke out between Celtic fans and the police and trouble is said to be spreading outside the ground. More to come soon…

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Polish FA Logo Launch Was a Bit Cirque du Soliel, A bit Post Soviet Chic

Ever seen something that blows your mind so much it reshapes your perception of Poland….you may think the logo is under the cloth, but in fact, its your dreams.

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Ronaldo and Mourinho Make Post Match Robbery Gestures at the Airport

Ronaldo and Mourinho are not known for their cool heads or self effacing statements, so it kind of make sense they’d take their loss to Barca hard. They may actually have a point that Higuian scored a goal that was disallowed, but either way, they were making the Spanish gesture for robbery at the cameras as they headed into the airport.

Was it in bad taste, probably, did it denigrate the Real Madrid jersey, certainly, was it justified, I don’t know.

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,


Featured Camp of the Week: Holy Cross Soccer Camps

Holy Cross Soccer Camps

As camp season approaches, sometimes it’s hard to find good soccer camps to enroll your child in. No matter what state you live in, Holy Cross offers camps for both residential campers and commuting campers for boys and girls of all ages. The camps use the facilities on the beautiful Holy Cross campus, located in Worcester, MA. Holy Cross coaches and staff create an environment where your child can enhance technical and tactical soccer skills, while having the time of his or her life!

The Holy Cross Boys Soccer Camp is being held between July 6 – July 9, 2011. There are three options for campers:
Residential Camps: Ages 11-19, $425
Extended Day Camp: Ages 11-19, $325
Commuter Camps: Ages 8-11, $245
The commuter camp starts at 9 AM and runs until 4 PM. Extended Day Camp runs from

The Holy Cross Girls Soccer Camp is being held between July 10 – July 13. There are two options for campers:
Residential Camps: Ages 10-18, $425
Day Camps: Ages 9-18, $245
The commuter camp runs from 9 AM – 4 PM.

For more information about the Holy Cross Soccer Camps, visit their website.

For more information on other Massachusetts Soccer Camps, visit the Soccer Camp Directory!

Have you already been to Holy Cross Soccer Camps? Share your experiences using the following codes:
Girls Camp: Gcrosscamps
Boys Camp: Bcrosscamps

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