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Boot Buying By Position Guide

As I peruse my ABBA music collection this winter, I am starting to think about what soccer cleat I’d like to be wearing when the weather starts allowing for some proper football in the spring. With most boots seeming to only be marketed to certain positions, I have decided to let all of you see “behind the curtain” to find out what boot seems to be the most well suited for you this season. Suppose you’re a striker and you need that extra boost of speed, or a goalie that needs a little extra “oomph” behind your clearances, or a defender with extreme needs for extra protection; if you find yourself in one of those categories, then this guide will help you choose your next boot for the coming season. Also, if you are wondering what price range or stud option to choose on your next boot, there are guides available on for that as well. Since those guides already exist, we won’t be dealing much with price issues in this article, only what the best boot for your position could be.

First- Strikers! Your team depends on you for goals and for being the spearhead of your attack. If you have a bad game, you have nowhere to hide. You need the best option possible to put the ball in the back of the net. This year, Nike re-vamped their Total90 series and are marketing it towards people who play a forward, while Adidas stuck with the winning formula of the F50 for speed demons that want the perfect touch. Puma also have the v1.11 for speedy strikers and Adidas and Nike also have strikers running around in the Adipower and Mercurial range.

The Guru’s Verdict:
Winner: Adidas F50 adiZero. Why? They are super light (5.8 oz) and provide immaculate touch on the ball. Players like Messi, Suarez, Bale, and Karim Benzema can’t be wrong. Runner-Up: the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII. Why? High quality synthetic and $200 cheaper than Nike’s Mercurial SuperFly while still being a great stiker’s boot. Ronaldo, Walcott, Ibrahimovich, and Neymar all call this boot silo home.

Second- Defenders. The back line of a team, protecting the Goalie and making sure that the opposing team’s strikers have a torrid time plying their trade, you make sure that the score stays low and that your other players have nothing to worry about. Adidas have changed up the Predator series and their new boot is much lighter, although it still has the protection a defender will need. We’ve also seen many defenders wearing every single Nike boot on the market (minus the Mercurial, perhaps), and many that have embraced the Puma PowerCat 1.12.

The Guru’s Verdict:
Winner: (Tie) Nike CTR360 Maestri II and the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. Although the Adipower may be more suited for wide defenders, the Maestri and Tiempo offer unrivaled protection for the challenges that a defender must face. They also provide significant power for any clearances and long passes that your job may require.

Third- Midfielders. The heartbeat of a squad, and the bridge between defense and attack, this position requires constant running to make sure that your defense has sufficient help and your strikers are given constant ammunition. The AdiPower has almost become the perfect power boot for mids that love to blast shots from 30 yards, and the CTR360 is the perfect boot for the player that dominates the passing in their team. We see wide midfielders using F50’s and Mercurials, with Total90’s and Tiempos also being found in the center of the park.

The Guru’s Verdict:
Winner: Adidas Adipower. The 7.8 oz of Adidas’ signature power boot ensures that you will be light on your feet for the entirety of the 90 minutes, have ample protection when going into a tackle, and enough power to beat keepers from long range. One word: Xavi. Runner-Up: Nike CTR360 Maestri. This boot even has Adidas scrambling to create a competitor, and can make your passes and control become as pinpoint as possible. The only reason it falls to runner-up is because of its weight (over 10 oz) in comparison to the AdiPower. One word: Iniesta.

I hope that this allows your spring boot shopping to be much easier. Although this is strictly opinion based, I welcome any questions that you may have. Just post a comment below and either I, or the enigmatic editor will answer your question. As for keepers, don’t feel left out; just try to find the most comfortable boot you can. You’ll be standing still for the bulk of a game, and you need to be comfortable for all 90 minutes of it. Happy shopping!

Written by: Andrew McCole, contributor and boot guru,

Puma Manager Coat - Black

Puma Manager Coat – Black Review

Now that the winter time is upon us, it is time to gear up with the best cold gear available. Whether you are a parent, coach or just a fan of watching soccer outdoors you need the Puma Manager Coat. This jacket is one of the warmest we here at SoccerPro have in our inventory, and with the first snow fall of the year already occurring in Missouri, you should grab one quick.


The Puma Manager jacket is all black with the only hint of color coming from the Puma logo that is stitched on the right chest in white. However, you are not buying this coat for the style, you are buying it to protect you from the elements and it is extremely good at that. The outer layer of this jacket features a highly durable and waterproof material. It also has an attachable hood in order to keep you dry and warm. When you are outside you also must keep your valuable items dry such as your phone. In order to accomplish this, this jacket has pockets that snap close to protect all your items. All these things are nice to keep you dry but during the winter you must also stay warm. In order to keep you warm, there is an inner fleece layer that is extremely warm. The jacket also zips up and has buttons that snap over the zipper to add another layer of protection.


As I mentioned above, this jacket is one of the warmest we have in stock. The fleece is extremely thick and could be considered a jacket by itself. I was wearing it for a few minutes indoors and was already beginning to sweat from the heat that it gives. Then when you add another layer on top of that to keep snow and rain away and the jacket is unbeatable. The sleeves also have velcro that allows you to tighten the sleeves in order to keep wind and water out. This jacket is much longer than most. Instead of coming down to about your waist, it comes down close to your knees. This is another feature that works to keep you warm.


Some teams choose to play outdoor still in the winter instead of moving it indoors. This can be brutal on spectators or coaches. With this jacket, you still wont be as comfortable as you would be inside by a fire, but you will be pretty warm for how cold it is outside. Also, this Puma soccer jacket is not limited to only soccer fans or coaches. If you are just in need of a good winter jacket to keep you warm, this is still perfect for you. At $85.49, it is a little pricy but if you decide to spend the money on it, you will be extremely happy. It is not only warm but very durable and you will have it for years to come.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike Thermal Field Player Gloves - Black

Nike Thermal Field Players Gloves Review

Now that winter is upon us, it is the perfect time to snatch up some of the great cold gear we have at SoccerPro. One of these great things is the Nike Thermal Field Players glove. These field player gloves have a relatively calm design consisting of mainly black with some gray accents throughout. The Nike logo is stitched on the front of the glove as well. However, the great thing about these is the warmth. They are insulated with thermal fleece in order to keep your hands extremely warm. The thermal fleece is also water-resistant which is perfect for the winter months and will help out greatly with warmth.

Another great thing about these gloves is a finger grips. Whenever you have to wear gloves, it always becomes hard to grip the ball for throw-ins. With these gloves, that problem will cease to exist. All of the fingertips have grips and the index finger and thumb have grips that go all the way down the fingers. This will help to give you enough grip to do proper throw-ins for now on. These are currently going for $26.99 which at first seems a little pricy. However, these will help you perform basic soccer plays with the new grips as well as stay warm with the fleece. These gloves are a great buy and you will be extremely happy once they are in your possession.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

You May Have Rick Rolled…But Have You Been Mick Rolled by Mick McCarthy?…(Video)

What more can you say when a dashing manager like Mick McCarthy gives that look to the camera, but send it along to your friends for a good laugh.

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Jimmy Bullard and Keith Andrews Rock, Paper, Scissors for Free Kick….

So we’ve all been there. Its the week before the match, and your practicing set-pieces, and figuring out who will take them from what position. You’re manager is happy, safe in the knowledge that all will go according to plan on game day. Then it happens, your side is awarded a free, and you can’t decide who will take it.

That’s what happened to Ipswich players Jimmy Bullard and Keith Andrews, who was once link to a Liverpool jersey, last night, but instead of sticking to the plan, they played rock, paper, scissors to see who would take it, annoying the hell out of manager Paul Jewell.


Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Nike Premier Team Ball White with Volt

Nike Premier Team Ball Review

When attempting to choose the perfect ball for your team or for your personal arsenal, it seems that personal preference is the dominant deciding factor with so many different balls to choose from and not too many visual differences between the $10 balls and the $150 soccer balls.

FIFA has attempted to help out the process by creating quality marks that they place on the more high-quality balls. The Nike Premier Team Ball has gotten the highest possible honor from the rigorous testing system that FIFA has in place: FIFA “A” Approved. It also sneaks in at the very bottom of the prices for such a high quality ball, costing only $39.99. In comparison, other “A” Approved balls cost well over $100.

The first thing you’ll notice about this ball is the new color scheme that Nike has adopted for their current ball line. As always, they state that this new coloring helps players and goalkeepers notice the ball and make decisions more quickly. After a few run outs, it definitely catches the eye and can really help a goalkeeper see the spin as quickly as possible.

During my time playing with the ball, I definitely noticed how easily the ball stuck to my feet, allowing me to execute relatively quick maneuvers without the ball rolling too far away from me. It also held up well on the field we were playing, which is a feat in itself since we play in a half grass and half dirt field. The ball also flies extremely true, giving my team no excuse for skewing a ball wide of their target.

If you are in the market for a top tier ball without breaking the bank, the Premier Team Ball fits your needs perfectly. It has a durable outer, an eye-catching color scheme, and the potential to become the first ball your kids pull out of the bag when practice starts.

Written by: Andrew McCole, kit man,

Servette Win Promotion in Swiss League, Club President Goes Bonkers (Video)

That’s what you want form your club president, a man who takes his club seriously, wit ha big helping of “You didn’t believe me, but I told you so.”

What a legend….

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

On Google+? Want Cool Soccer News and Reviews? Add Soccerprose to Your Circles

Alright avid soccerprose readers. We know you’re all a tech savvy bunch and are probably already on Google+. Well we gave this new fangled social media platform a gander, and decided the blog needed a page to so we could tell the masses about the wide world of soccer.

We’ve got the inside scoop on some awesome deals from our affiliate partners this weekend you won’t want to miss, some absurd videos, product reviews, and all the other stuff that’s helped make us a success over the last few years.

So if you’re on Google+ check us out under the name “ Soccer Blog” and us to your circles, or just follow this link.

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Goals My Granny Could Have Scored: Balotelli Fails at Trick Shot…Gets Pulled by Mancini…Starts Row

We’ve a special one for this week, one only the class and arrogance of Mario Balotelli could produce. The week Balotelli though he’d try a nifty trick shot with his back heel during City’s friendly with the LA Galaxy. He promptly failed to at it, and hit it out for a goal kick. Mancini, who has clearly had enough of the troubled striker and his absurd antics, took him off and a row ensued as Balotelli argued his point with Mancini. The best part of all this has to be how Balotelli could have simply tapped it in for a goal, but instead decided to show boat making a fool of himself in the process… unbelievable….


Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,