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Portugal Away Jersey - 2013

Nike Portugal Away Jersey – 2012/13

Nike has recently released some new national team jerseys that look great. Despite some nice looking jerseys, the one that sticks out the most is the new Nike Portugal away jersey. When you have one of the best players in the world playing on your team, you need to have a stylish jersey to match his stylish play.

Portugal’s last away jersey was predominantly white with a green and red cross displayed in the center to tie in Portugal’s national colors. With this new jersey, Nike has kept the same general design. This away jersey keeps the cross design that is predominantly displayed in the center. However, instead of red and green, this has a gray cross. The whole jersey is sleek black now instead of white. This change in color looks fantastic and is, in my opinion, one of the best looking national team kits available right now.

The Portugal crest is stitched on the left chest and the Nike swoosh is stitched on the right chest in white. Not only does this jersey look great, it also feels great so you can cheer your favorite national team on while remaining comfortable.

This jersey is made of 100 percent polyester and features Nike’s Dri-Fit material. This keeps you dry and comfortable as you cheer on Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portuguese national team.

This jersey is currently available at, so head over there today if you want this sleek jersey. You can wear this and channel your inner Cristiano Ronaldo as you show your skills on the pitch, or just wear it while you cheer on the national team. The choice is yours.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike USA Away Jersey 2

Nike USA Away Jersey 2012 Review

Even though the United States Men’s National Team did not qualify for the Olympics, the women’s team was able to take home gold. Now the men will turn their attention to qualifying for the World Cup. Both teams have been wearing the Nike USA away jersey and it looks great.

The new design is predominantly navy with white sleeves. The navy with white sleeves design is similar to the Arsenal home jersey, which is predominantly red with white sleeves. It’s a new look for the USA national teams but it looks great. This jersey also maintains the sash across the chest that was featured on the last national team jerseys. The United States soccer crest is stitched on to the left chest with the Nike swoosh featured in white on the right chest. Another nice addition to this jersey is the red, white, and blue stripes around the collar and the United States flag on the inside of the neck. It helps tie in all the colors associated with the United States.

Not only does this jersey look great, it feels great as well. This jersey is made of 100 percent polyester to make it both light and comfortable. It also features Nike’s Dri-Fit technology. This helps keep you dry and comfortable as you cheer on the United States national teams. This jersey runs true to size so you will not need to worry about sizing issues if you ordering online.

This jersey looks great, feels great, and will help you support the United States national teams. The new design incorporates all the colors associated with the United States while maintaining a sleek look. This jersey is currently available at, so head over and check it out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Nike United States Home Jersey - 2013

Nike USA Home Jersey 2012/13 Review

Even though the United States Men’s National Team will not be participating at the Olympics this summer, it is always a good time to pick up a United States jersey. The new Nike United States home jersey is one of the best looking national team jerseys to come out recently. The older national team jerseys seemed to lack all of the national colors of the United States. This new away jersey incorporates red, white, and blue and the end product looks great.


Instead of a solid color jersey with a sash across the chest, Nike has decided to feature red and white horizontal stripes throughout this jersey. This mimics the stripes that are seen on the American flag. Nike has kept the sash across the chest that was featured on the older national team jerseys; however, the sash is much subtler and resides in the background of the stripes. The collar of this jersey is crew cut and blue to tie in all the national team colors. The inside of the neck features the American flag to add some more patriotism to this jersey. To provide authenticity, the United States National Team crest is stitched on the left chest and the Nike swoosh is stitched on the right chest.


This jersey is made of 100 percent polyester to make it light and comfortable. It is made of layered mesh fabric to give great breathability so you don’t get too hot or sweaty as you cheer your team on. This jersey also features ATOM-Dri release fabric to provide sweat management, greater durability, and a soft feel. All of these features combine to make this jersey extremely comfortable.


This jersey provides a fresh style for the United States Men’s National Team. It incorporates all the colors of the United States and the red and white stripes mimic the American flag. Combine the great style with the amazing comfort and you have a great jersey that fans will love. This jersey is currently available at, so head over and check one out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,


Lucas Podolski Releases Smooth Groove Euro 2012 Song…Dancing with Argyle Ties Ensue…(Video)

Recent Arsenal signing and German hero Lucas Podolski has released this cracking pop song in conjunction with Deutsche pop heavy-hitters Brings. The song is a jumpy little number with the beat of a club thumping mix combined with the epic tunes that would have spoken to the heart of Dio or Dchingis Khan. The song celebrates Germany’s run to the semifinals of Euro 2012 and if they win, I’m sure it will be belting out in club from Berlin to Bayern. Who knows, maybe Poldi can give the old popstar route a go if this football business doesn’t work out.

Posted by: Matthew Wall, editor,

Adidas Germany Home Jersey - 2012:13

Adidas Germany Home Jersey Review – 2012/13

Germany has started Euro 2012 very brightly and they look to be the team to beat in the tournament. If you are a Germany fan and don’t have the Adidas Germany home jersey yet, you should get on that immediately. So far, the white jersey is the only color they have worn at this tournament, so it is the perfect jersey to wear while you cheer them on to victory.


As I mentioned above, this jersey is predominantly white. It has the classic Adidas three black stripes that run down the sleeves and black trim around the neck. It also has three diagonal stripes, black, red, and gold, that go across the front of the jersey. These represent the national colors that are on the German flag. To give this jersey added authenticity, the German crest is pressed on the left chest with three stars above it and the Adidas logo is stitched on the right chest.


As with most Adidas jerseys, this one is extremely light and comfortable. It is made of 100 percent polyester and feels very nice on. It also features climacool technology to help keep you cool and comfortable while you support your team this summer. This is accomplished through ventilation under the arms to allow your body to breathe. Sometimes Adidas jerseys run a little big, however, these fit true to size and look great on.


If you are a Germany fan, this jersey is a must have. It looks great and feels even better. Even though it is a white jersey, the subtle design it has with the diagonal stripes help show the national colors of Germany and help give the jersey some extra style. This jersey is currently on sale at, so check it out today so you can wear it as Germany looks to win Euro 2012.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Wayne Rooney Roy Hodgson

Euro 2012 Quarterfinal Preview

We have now made it through the group stages at Euro 2012 and there are some great looking matchups in the quarterfinals. England and France are the last two teams to advance through the group stages and France did not do themselves any favors by losing to Sweden. They must now face the previous Euro winners and the 2010 World Cup winners. One good thing they can take away is that Spain did not look very good in their last game against Croatia either.

Let’s take a look at all the matchups we will be seeing in the quarterfinals. England will play Italy, Spain will play France, Portugal will play the Czech Republic, and Germany will play Greece. All of the matchups look good, but I would have to say that Germany have the best looking quarterfinal matchup. Greece have looked alright at the Euro’s, but Germany came into Euro 2012 as one of the favorites and look as though they are coming into their own as the tournament goes on. This is not good news for Greece. It will also be interesting to see if Mario Gomez can continue to score goals while wearing the Germany jersey. He has a tendency to be a streaky scorer, so that will be something to look for.

As I said above, France and Spain will be playing each other. Both teams are coming off bad performances and will be looking to improve. Spain had a difficult time breaking down the Croatia defense and their own defense looked shaky at times. When your country’s success is riding on Fernando Torres scoring goals, there could be issues. I understand he performed well against Ireland, but Ireland was arguably the worst team at Euro 2012.

Portugal against the Czech Republic is the game I am looking forward to the most. Both teams lost their opening games, but have rebounded quite nicely. Portugal has been much better than I originally thought. Their defense has been solid and if Ronaldo can find the goal scoring form he has with Real Madrid, Portugal could have a good run in this tournament and surprise many people.

The last matchup is England against Italy. Both teams have had decent showings at Euro 2012, and not many people expected these teams to be at this position before the start of the tournament. At first glance, you would expect a very defensive-minded game from both sides with both teams looking to score on the counter-attack. Wayne Rooney scored on his return to the national team today, and will be hoping to net some more. No matter how this game turns out, England fans must be happy with the job Roy Hodgson has done with this national team side. With a very short amount of time on the job and mounting injuries before the tournament began, reaching the quarterfinals can be considered a success.

All of these games should be fun to watch and, if the tournament keeps going the way it has, should produce a lot of goals. So far, every game at Euro 2012 has produced at least one goal. The teams I think will advance to the semifinals of Euro 2012 are England, Germany, Portugal, and France. The biggest omission that you will notice is Spain. I think Spain’s run will finally come to an end. Their passing looks nice, but at times the team struggles to create chances. If they are unable to find a goal with short passes, they don’t have a plan B to go to, especially with the lack of strikers in the squad. The players in France jerseys had a bad game against Sweden and I see them coming out with great energy and stealing a goal against the Spanish.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

holland falgs on road

Dutch Firm C1000 Release Wonderous “Birdy Song” Dutch Euro 2012 Promo…(Video)

I don’t know who thought of this lad, but they deserve a medal. Its fun, happy, and mirrors the general geniality you’ll feel when you bike down the road in Amsterdam. Loosely translated the refrain means “Oh my Nederland, My hopes are in your hands,” and that’s sort of covers the gist of the adverts message. All the best to the men in Holland jerseys…and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more of these beauties…

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Nike Croatia Away Jersey - 2012 (2)

Nike Croatia Away Jersey – 2012

After missing the 2010 World Cup, Croatia are hoping to have a good showing at Euro 2012. They definitely were not given any favors with the group they landed in. They will have to face Spain, Ireland, and Italy who will all be tough to beat. One good thing that Croatia can look forward to is the fact that they will be wearing some great looking jerseys.


The new Nike Croatia away jersey looks great and still incorporates all the national team colors. Traditionally, Croatia’s home jersey always consists of red and white checkers throughout. The away jersey still features this checkerboard pattern, but tones it down a bit. The primary color is royal blue with the checkerboard pattern on the left chest and shoulder. The left chest also has the Croatia crest stitched on for added authenticity.


This jersey, in addition to looking great, also feels great. It is made out of 100 percent polyester for a light and comfortable feel. It features Nike’s Dri-Fit technology, which helps keep you cool and comfortable. These features will be nice now that summer is upon us. Instead of having a heavy jersey that puts you on the brink of heat stroke, these will be comfortable to wear while you support your team at Euro 2012.


If you are a Croatia fan and don’t want to wear the full checkerboard jersey, this away jersey provides a nice second option. It still has the checkerboard to maintain a style that Croatia has become known for, while toning the amount of checkers down. The blue also looks great with the red and white. Nike has done a nice job of coming out with great looking jerseys for Euro 2012 and this one is no exception. Now that there is less than a month left until the start of the tournament, I would head over to today and order one of these great looking jerseys, so you have it in time for Euro 2012.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Euro 2012

Euro 2012 Preview: Group D

Only 15 days remain before the start of Euro 2012, and we here at soccerprose are getting anxious. This is arguably the second most important international competition behind the World Cup. It also provides us with an opportune time in between World Cups to get our international soccer fix before we go crazy. With that all being said, we now bring you the fourth part of our four part series on all the groups at Euro 2012.
Group D is one of the hardest groups to choose the two teams that will advance. The group consists of France, England, Sweden, and Ukraine. All of these teams, excluding Ukraine, have a good shot at advancing past the group stages.
France is likely the favorite and is looking to have a good showing following their disastrous 2010 World Cup. They have experience winning the Euro trophy previously. In both 1984 and 2000, France was named European champions and they are hoping to reach that mark again at Euro 2012. Their qualifying record was nothing spectacular, but neither are any of the teams that are in this group. They won six games, drew three times, and lost once. They also scored 15 goals while only conceding four. Although they do not concede many goals, they have had a difficult time scoring, averaging only 1.5 goals per game. They are going to need a good tournament from Karim Benzema if they are to go far. He had a good season for Real Madrid, scoring 21 goals and adding seven assists in 34 games. A problem for France could be injuries. Bacary Sagna is out of the tournament after breaking his leg, and Loic Remy is struggling to get fit after suffering a thigh injury.
England is an interesting team in this group and for the tournament. The appointment of Roy Hodgson as manager was controversial and he followed his controversial appointment with an interesting squad selection for Euro 2012. It is a very defensive-looking squad and there are not many goal-scorers other than Rooney. This could be a problem since Rooney is suspended for the first two games of the tournament. However, England’s goalkeeper, Joe Hart, and the defense are very strong, which could help England. If England is going to advance far in this tournament, they are going to need to use a similar blueprint to how Chelsea was able to win the Champions League. They must defend strongly and hope to get a goal on the counterattack against the run-of-play. If England are to make it out of the group stage, they could be an interesting team to watch, especially if they are able to defend as well as Chelsea did in the Champions League, since they have John Terry, Ashley Cole, Gary Cahill, and Frank Lampard all in the squad.
The last two teams in the group are Sweden and Ukraine. Sweden had a fairly successful qualifying campaign, winning eight and losing two. During their qualifying, they scored 31 goals and only conceded 11. Sweden has a good shot at making it through the group stages as well. Sweden has shown that they can play with good teams. In qualifying they lost to the Netherlands 2-1 in their first meeting, but were able to keep the game close. In their second meeting, they beat the Netherlands 3-2, so they have the ability to beat big-name teams in the tournament and cause some issues. Ukraine, on the other hand, has almost no chance of making it past the group stage. This is the first time they have qualified for the Euro’s and it is only because they are co-hosting the tournament. In the lead-up to Euro 2012, Ukraine won only five games out of 18. They also lost to France, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, which are some other teams in this tournament. Therefore, the future looks bleak for Ukraine at Euro 2012. However, looking on the bright side, they won’t have to travel far to get home after being bounced from the tournament.
For Group D, I see the men in England jerseys and the men in France jerseys advancing. I do think this will be a close group between the top three teams, but ultimately, I think France is too talented and England’s defense is too strong. England, contrary to what most people think, will go far in this tournament and shock a few people. Expectations are lower than usual for the Three Lion’s and that could help take some pressure off, so they can perform better. Group D should be a fun group to watch no matter who advances (assuming you’re watching from a neutral perspective).

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,