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Higuain Lands in Kuwait with Real Madrid… Promptly Walks Face First Into a Door….(Video)

Seems the flight to Kuwait from Madrid left Higuain a bit overtired as he managed to introduce his face to the side of an automatic door as he went to leave the airport with his teammates.


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Cesc Fabregas Dances Bizarrely to Distract Levante Keeper…(Video)

He’s at it again, Cesc Fabregas is getting down the music in front of goal while part of the wall for this Messi free kick against Levante last weekend. It sorts of like he’s line dancing in a grassy Texas field, but only he hears the tune playing in the background. Either way, Messi missed the free kick, but Barcelona went on to win 1-0.

Perhaps we’ll see him with Robbie Savage dancing the night way on Channel 4 in the near future.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

The Great Debate of Who’s the Best in the World

One of the longstanding debates in the soccer world is not about two teams, but rather about two exceptional players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
These are two of the most gifted players to play the game today, and maybe ever. What makes it even more exciting is that they play for arguably two of the best teams in the world. Barcelona has dominated in recent seasons, stockpiling trophies domestically and in Europe. Real Madrid has not enjoyed as much success. Because of the dominance the men in Barcelona jersey have shown the past few seasons, there has been little for Madrid to win other than the Copa Del Rey last season. However, with Jose Mourinho at the helm, this team has definitely improved.
Even though Barcelona and Real Madrid are huge teams, Ronaldo and Messi are the two that steal headlines. Messi is only 5 foot 7 inches tall, but his impact on a game is huge. He has won three straight Ballon d’OR awards, which is an extremely impressive feat. He has also guided Barcelona to three straight La Liga titles as well as two Champions League titles in the past three seasons.
Cristiano Ronaldo has been equally impressive, but his team has failed to win significant silverware. This appears to be changing this season. Real Madrid currently has a six-point lead on Barcelona and is in the final four of the Champions League. This success has been, in large part, because of the sensational form Ronaldo has been in all season.
Both players are obviously huge to their teams and it is easy to prove if you look at their statistics over the past three seasons. Over the past three seasons, Ronaldo has scored 103 goals and added an additional 27 assists in La Liga. He has also scored 19 goals with 6 assists in the Champions League. Messi, on the other hand, has scored 101 goals with 38 assists in La Liga while scoring 34 goals and 7 assists in the Champions League. The man wearing the Messi jersey has obviously outperformed Ronaldo in the Champions League, but overall there numbers are fairly similar.
This brings up a question I have been asking myself for some time; why does Messi get so much more attention? Is it because Barcelona has won more silverware? Is it because Messi has a better reputation and seems more likeable than Ronaldo?
If you go purely off of statistical contributions, the players are almost identical in their production and they both have significantly helped their teams reach the point they are at currently. Both are also different types of players. Messi is a small player who weaves through defenders and plays in the quick passing system of Barcelona. Ronaldo is 6-foot-1 and has a wide array of ways he can score. He is good in the air, has a powerful shot that helps him be a threat from anywhere on the field, and is extremely quick.
Messi and Ronaldo are both incredible players on two great clubs. They have similar levels of production, wide variety of skills, and have a major influence on their clubs. However, with the media portrayal of both players, you would think Messi is on a completely different level than Ronaldo, and I do not see that to be the case. Ronaldo is finally in position to grab some significant silverware for the first time since joining Real Madrid. Maybe if he is finally able to win La Liga and the Champions League for Madrid, both players will be seen as equals in terms of greatness, which is how it should be.

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Adidas Real Madrid Home Jersey - 2012

Adidas Real Madrid Home Jersey Review – 2012

Real Madrid currently sits at the top of the La Liga table, and is in comfortable position to take back the league crown. They are also looking to win the Champions League, which is the one major title that has eluded them for many years now. In order to gear up for the epic conclusion to this season, now is the time to purchase a Real Madrid jersey and cheer your team on to victory.


Staying with the classic Real Madrid style, this home jersey is all white. To add a little style to the jersey, there are three gold stripes that run down the sleeves as well as gold trim throughout the jersey. This provides a very clean and stylish look that fans are sure to love. Unlike previous years, this jersey features a collar. For added authenticity, the Real Madrid badge is pressed on the left chest with the Adidas logo stitched on the right chest. It also has the La Liga patch stitched on the right arm of the jersey.


This jersey, like most Adidas jerseys, is extremely comfortable. It is made out 100 percent polyester to add durability, but it feels more like silk when you are wearing it. As with all Adidas gear, this jersey features climacool technology. This helps to provide ventilation and moisture management to keep you cool and comfortable. This is achieved through mesh under the arms to allow your body to breathe. All of these features will help you stay comfortable while you support your team.


As I said above, this jersey is awesome. The style is clean and the gold trim helps give it added class. The Real Madrid squad are looking to have a historic season winning both the La Liga title and Champions League, so what better time to get a jersey to support the squad. Another great thing about this jersey is the fact that it is currently on sale for $67.49 at So head over there today and grab one of these before we run out.

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Dani Alves Scores a First Time Rocket in El Classico…Dances the Macarena…(Video)

Danit Alves isn’t known for being much of a threat in front of goal, at least compared to some of his Barcelona teammates, but this one is a true pearler. And the dancing with Abidal afterwards…amazing…

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Spain Soccer Copa del Rey

Infante is the Hero as Part-Time 3rd Tier Side Mirandes Beat Espanyol to Advance to Copa Del Rey Semi-Finals….(Video)

Something truly magical happened last night in the Copa del Rey, the Spanish version of the FA Cup, when part-time side Mirandes defeated La Liga giants Espanyol 4-4 on aggregate (away-goals), in injury time, to reach the semi-finals. The hero of the evening, and the campaign in general, was Pablo Infante. A bank clerk by day, Infante is now the Cop del Rey’s top scorer with 7 goals throughout the competition. This is one of those rare moments caught on camera, when a part-time side who have no business being on the same pitch as a top flight side, over come the odds at their tiny 6,000 capacity home pitch to write themselves into legend. Here are the highlights, its worth watching to the end….

Mirandes have now beaten three La Liga sides and will play Athletic Bilbao or Real Mallorca in the last four, and I for one, wish them luck.

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Pepe Apologizes for Stamping on Messi’s Hand…(Video)

In case you missed last weekend El Classico, it was a typically ill-tempered affair with Pepe reminding the world why he is considered a maniac, by stamping on Lionel Messi’s hand as he lay on the ground following a tackle. The apology is shall we say less than genuine, but here it is in all its cynical glory.

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Switzerland Soccer FIFA World Player Award

Neymar and Ronaldo learn the Hard Way: Messi is still the best

As we looked at the slate of fixtures a few weeks ago, we saw some match-ups that made every true soccer fan’s eyes well up with tears of joy. First, Messi and the amazing force that is Barcelona travelled to face the league-leading Real Madrid and the only player that seems to function on Messi’s playing level: Christiano Ronaldo. Then, we hoped the soccer gods would deem us worthy to see a match-up between Barcelona and the Brazilian club Santos at the Club World Cup tournament. With Santos having wunderkind Neymar (the heir-apparent to Messi’s throne according to Pele) running the show, the man in the Messi jersey would have the chance to best, not one, but two of the challengers to the World’s best footballer title in the span of a few weeks. The reason why this is even more significant? The list of players that people believe can even challenge Barca’s talisman usually ends after you mention the two players listed above: Neymar and Ronaldo.
First, Messi once again bested Ronaldo in the biggest clash in Spanish football. He constantly threatened the back four of Madrid, saw his best chance at a goal being stopped by the fingertips of Iker Casillas (note: any other keeper, and the ball is in the back of the net…guaranteed), and made the typical runs and passes that we have come to expect from the Catalan maestro. His performance greatly contrasted the disappointment that we saw on the opposite side of the field from Ronaldo. The Portuguese phenom spurned two chances that we would normally see him bury, with the only feasible excuse that fans and commentators alike could find being that he was fading under the shadow of the amazing Lionel. His free-kicks lacked any danger (one straight into Valdes and another straight into the wall), his runs ended in more balls given away than any other outcome, and even his massive performance a week later against Sevilla still didn’t make anyone forget his Clasico letdown.
Then, Messi and co. travelled to the Club World Cup in Asia to claim another piece of silverware for the trophy cabinet. They easily weaved their way to the final, and a tie against Neymar and Brazilian cup champions Santos. Neymar, although only 19, has been shoved into the conversation about the world’s best player by many reputable footballing sources (i.e. Pele). His curling, left-footed beauty in the semi-final only increased the desire to see how Neymar would fair against Europe’s best. Long story short, he fell into the same category that Ronaldo found himself in after facing Messi and his Barcelona superstars: Messi showed him how the World’s best plays. Messi scored a brace and assisted a goal en route to a 4-0 Barca victory, and set a record as the first player to have a goal and an assist in six different competitions in the HISTORY OF FOOTBALL, or at least since my youth soccer shoes last graced the pitch in 1994. Translation- the guy can play, and he plays on a level that no one can touch.
Messi somehow finds himself in the equation with nearly every player that has a good run or becomes a superstar within their club or league. However, every time they have to get stacked up side by side, Messi starts to ooze class and show why he is the world’s best. After years of hearing that he isn’t ready to be in the class with Pele and Maradona, I believe that it isn’t just time to allow him into the conversation, but it’s time to ask if he might be better than these two legends. All I know is he makes football art. Every time he plays, he is one of the few players that makes me hold my breath. If you aren’t watching Messi play, even if it is solely for enjoyment value, then you are wrong…dead wrong.
Written by: Andrew McCole, football correspondent,

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El Classico Highlights: Barcelona Shines Brightly as Real Madrid’s Winning Streak is Ended…(Video)

Despite conceding the fastest goal of the season on the 23 second mark Barcelona came out ahead in the first of this year’s El Clasicos. but Karim Benzema’s killer instinct was not enough to carry the day for the men in Real Madrid jerseys as Alexis Sanchez, Xavi and Cesc Fabregas led the fight back for the Blau Grana and took their club top of the table in La Liga. In fact, Barcelona have not lost a match in the city of Madrid since 2008, and it was readily apparent why they are the Champions of Europe as their silky smooth passing and teamwork help them trounce Madrid 3-1.

While Real were presented with several chance to score, the ball just wouldn’t go, even for Ronaldo, and in the ended Mourinho has been left to rue a famous loss at home to a side that a fast becoming his personal nemesis.

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