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U.S. face Canada before final World Cup qualifying round

The Canadian national team travels to BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston to face the U.S. national team tonight. Even though the game is just an international friendly, it still holds some importance.

This is the last match the U.S. national team will play before facing Honduras Feb. 6 in the final round of CONCACAF World Cup Qualification. The U.S. will need to perform much better than they performed in the previous round of qualifying. The remaining six teams are the United States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico and Panama. Out of these six teams, the top three qualify for the 2014 World Cup and the fourth place team goes to a playoff. has a fantastic page dedicated to the final round of qualifying and is worth a look.

It will be interesting to see whom the U.S. plays tonight and how the team looks going into a difficult final round of qualifying. If you are looking for something to keep you occupied before actual lineups are announced, ProSoccerTalk and Bleacher Report take their best guess of the starting lineup tonight.

After the match, make sure to check out the site again for post-match thoughts and comments about the performance.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,

Japanese Pioneer Binocular Soccer….Goes As Well As Expected….(Video)

The Japanese are known for inventing and loving wild and zany sports, but they may build a bridge too far with their latest creation, binocular soccer.

Cheeky Dutch Soccer Fan Turns Off Tele in Pubs During Big Match…(Video)

This man is braver than I am, and lucky he didn’t get caught by any of the patrons of these fine establishments as they would have surely exacted a heavy price for turning off the tele during the match. I have to say its a fairly funny prank, and Holland went on to lose the match anyway, but nevertheless we can’t recommend trying this one at home.

Algeria v. Libya Decends into Post Match Mayhem….(Video)

What happens when two countries quietly fighting a war face each other in a World Cup qualifier, exactly what you’d expect to happen. For the majority of the match both sides held their nerve and there was little trouble in and what seemed to be a jovial atmosphere prevailed in the stands as Algeria scored a lovely goal to go 1-0 up. Libya were never really much of a threat to the Algerians from that point onward, but it was by no means a dirty match until after the final whistle.

At that point tensions stemming from Algeria’s role in supporting the former Libyan government of international tent resident Mommmar Gadhafi boiled over and mayhem ensued. Its not really certain who started the fight, but I’d expect both sides to receive some sort of sanction from FIFA over the behavior, and I doubt they’ll be playing any friendlies soon.

Nike USA Libretto Shorts

Nike USA Libretto Short Review – Dark Obsidian with Siren Red

Tonight the United States National Team will be taking on Mexico in the latest installment of the fierce rivalry. After that, the team will be trying to get ready to qualify for the World Cup. A major player for the United States National Team as they look to qualify for the next World Cup will be Clint Dempsey. He is coming off a superb season for Fulham and is looking to continue his wonderful form for his national team.

Nike has released the Nike USA libretto shorts to help show your support for the national team. These shorts are extremely soft and feel great. They feature Nike’s Dri-Fit technology to help keep you dry and comfortable. Whether you are training for your own team or cheering on the national team, these shorts are great to wear.

In addition to being extremely comfortable, they also feature the United States National Team crest pressed on the right thigh. They also feature Dempsey’s number eight that is pressed on the left thigh above the Nike swoosh. These shorts show the national team colors. They are predominantly blue with red accents throughout.

Right now is the perfect time to grab a pair of these great shorts to show your support and also emulate the skills of Dempsey when you are playing. These are currently available at, so head over and check them out today.

Written By: Eric Stoyanov, Contributing Writer,


Oceana Release Official Euro 2012 Song…Forget to Write Lyrics….(Video)

Official tournament are known for being useless and repetitive dance numbers, but German group Oceana have managed to set the bar that much lower with their song “Endless Summer.” A hip and peppy club number the song itself is alright for the first few bars, and like the first few bites of a new flavour of ice cream you give it a chance to get good. But like a poorly designed soccer jersey About a minute in is where I realized by dream of a flavourful experience was in vain as my ears where thrashed with the same lyrics of “Oh, Oh Endless Summer” and same three notes at very pitches on the beat. You can give a butchers yourself below, but to be honest, even Shakira would be ashamed of this one…

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor,