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  • SoccerProse EPL Preview

    With the Barclay’s English Premier League getting underway this weekend it’s time to take a shot at predicting how the season will turn out. Last year’s champions, Manchester United, were all but written off as title challengers before the season began, and Reading was picked to finish at the bottom […]

  • The Guy Down the Street from Me Just Bought Arsenal?

    I live just off of Nifong Boulevard in Columbia, Missouri.  So does Stan Kroenke.  His house is massive. I too, live in a house.  He bought a hockey team. I like hockey.  He owns the St. Louis Rams. I used to live in St. Louis county.  I’ve been to Highbury.  […]

  • Three Reasons NOT to Root for Man U

    **Disclaimer:  This entry reflects the foolish ranting and passion of a simple fan of what Pelé calls “the beautiful game” and should in no way bear any resemblance to what some might call ‘reason.’  As such, I hope you can take my opinions in the light-hearted manner in which they […]